The first sutra of the Aquarian Age

Recognize that the other person is you.
– Yogi Bhajan, 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age

The first sutra of the Aquarian Age given to us from kundalini master Yogi Bhajan says, “recognize that the other person is you.” We must fully understand this at a deep soul level and integrate it into our being in order to thrive. This first sutra resonates on many levels as we are asked to consider what it means in our practice. The love we feel for others is the acknowledgment of pure divine peace and joy that exists within our being. When we are inspired by others, we see the spark of unconditional love within them. We allow others to reflect back the joy we feel inside and we can let go of thought patterns that make us feel separate or less than others.

This sutra changes everything and challenges us to look beyond the ego, to see that the other person is us. When we look at our lives from this empowered perspective, we understand that the repulsion we feel toward others is actually a shadow side of ourselves that we’ve refused to look at and integrate. Any hurtful action toward another is only a hurtful act toward oneself. When we put this sutra into practice in our lives, we realize that we cannot blame others for our unhappiness and discontent. Our livelihood, vitality, and bliss is a choice we continue to make, moment by moment, to see the love in others and ourselves, to release judgement and ego-based thinking.


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