There is a way through every block

There is a way through every block.
– Yogi Bhajan, 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age

The second sutra of the Aquarian Age invites us to change our perspective on challenges and opportunities for growth on the spiritual path. Ego-based thinking values the self over service to others, and perpetuates old paradigm programs of separateness and lack. Instead, we can shift to a loving perspective that asks, “How can I serve others more? What are the strengths and gifts I can share with the world?” Through devotion to our practice, we develop the Aquarian qualities of inquiry, wisdom, and detachment. Earth Angels, as unique expressions of the divine, are lovingly invited to become humble channels for cosmic wisdom to flow through.

We are asked to be the peaceful visionaries, leaders, and humanitarians that will hold more light and healing frequencies. Our unconditionally loving guides and angels are beckoning us to transform our minds and serve others on their journey of healing and enlightenment. The more we express our creativity and heart’s desires, the more we align with the wisdom of the higher self and realms. The way through every block is the heart, compassion, ethereal grace and wonder. Allow yourself to be supported and guided by your powers of intuition and empathy. The path may feel lonely at times, but we are never truly alone. There is a way around every block.


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