Take guided action

ethereal mermaid take guided action

When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
 – Yogi Bhajan, 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age

The third sutra of the Aquarian Age speaks to the lightworkers who are being called to be more authentic, creative, compassionate, and giving. We are growing now in order to be peaceful leaders, teachers, visionaries, and humanitarians of the new Earth, a golden age of Gaia. In some way, we all feel the desire to serve others and share our unique expression. By sharing what’s closest to our heart with others, we can be compassionate, empathetic teachers who guide and inspire others along their own journey.  When we feel the desire to serve and teach, the gentle voice of the heart will guide our experience. All we must do is be willing to experience something better, and be willing to take guided action on behalf of the intuitive and emotional wisdom of the heart.

When Yogi Bhajan says “start and the pressure will be off,” he means to act in accordance with your authentic self by moving closer in the direction of that which will bring you a sense of integrity, love, and creativity. For example, you may notice the pressure and stress increase in your life if you fail to listen to your intuition which intrinsically knows the next right action. Once we take a moment to breathe deeply, clear the mind, and settle into the heart space, we can easily access the wisdom we need to continue along the path by trusting that the support and guidance is being given. We must simply be willing to take spiritually guided action in the Now.


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