Invite the Fairies

There are many ways to invite the whimsical fun and creativity of the fairy realm into your life. Elemental spirits, including fairies and mermaids, are willing to help us if we call upon them. As multi-dimensional beings, they can see our auric field and take great care about who they interact with. Fairies adore those who are care-takers of Gaia, like them. They smile upon people who help animals, plants, and the environment. You can show that you are friendly to the fairies by picking up litter, volunteering for an environmental cause, or adopting a loving pet. The fairies also appreciate heart-felt offerings of tea, herbs, honey, sweets, and flowers.


Fairies can be fun to work with, yet mischievous. They enjoy playing light-hearted games and celebrating the beauty of Gaia. They remind us to be stewards of our planet and to share child-like joy and ethereal wonder. The water spirits and mermaids who preside over the ocean also encourage us to use non-toxic cleaning products in order to help the ocean and her abundant life forms. In meditation, we can work with the fairies and mermaids to assist us in our own healing process as we awaken to greater opportunities to serve Gaia. Their main message is to serve without attachment, heal others, celebrate the divinity of all life, love unconditionally.

Call upon the elementals to assist in healing Gaia, and they will help you discover creative opportunities to serve.

Inspired by
Fairy Magic with Charis Melina & Krista Raisa, Galactic Faerie.
When I say Fairies…I mean Fairies by Beth Watson


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