Mermaid wisdom of the Moon

The wisdom of the mermaids and elementals is tied to the lunar cycles. The mermaids encourage us to embrace the Divine Feminine within by practicing intuition and meditation. Mermaids also urge us to learn about the interconnectedness of astrology, yoga, and the moon cycles. Sacred ceremonies during the new moon and full moon are powerful times to set new intentions. Light candles, choose several oracle cards, meditate with crystals, write. 

By learning about the lunar cycles, we see the reflective depths of our emotions and desires. With assertiveness, we can stand up for ourselves and make our boundaries known to others. We also attract abundant opportunities to manifest new experiences and creations. Mermaids gently remind us to be be vulnerable as we open up to our heart’s deepest wishes and our highest potential. In order to awaken to the reality of something better, we must be open to receiving it. 


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