Fall in Love

I invite you to fall in love with yourself, madly, and fall in love with your practice. This is not about egotistical narcissism or attachment to results, but instead an offering to the Universe, acknowledging and treating yourself as a Divine being. This is a powerful call to all those who resonate with a spiritual mission to bring more light to Gaia. Devote yourself to your practice, whatever it may be, yoga, painting, dance, snowboarding, hiking. You are asked to approach this chosen practice with total awareness and patience. In the midst of your practice, offer your complete presence, which is the most powerful thing you can do.

In this moment, you can ask for help in releasing old programs of doubt, fear, and judgement that stand in the way of falling completely and totally in love with your practice. Affirm that you will approach your daily devotion to the Universe as an offering of unconditional love. Release attachment to results, as in trying to get something out of it. That’s not what it’s about. Detach from the outcome, and you will effectively allow all good things to come your way in Divine time.

Love yourself more.
Fall in love with your practice. 
Shine on.



  1. yeaaay. feed the fire our our heart and soul. be the light.
    i love your posts still, a must read, help me stay on my path and reminder we are not alone… keep posting. Soul Sister.

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