Heaven Bubble

As conscious co-creators of our experience, we are responsible for how we interact with others and our own mental processes. Each thought holds a unique vibration that can move us closer toward harmony, love and acceptance, or  further away from our path. It all depends on the awareness we bring to the intricacies and nuances of the mind. As we dwell in meditative states, we bring our thoughts under control. It is in the stillness and silence of the mind, the absence of thought, where we can truly hear the heart loud and clear.

At the greatest depths of our being, we know the truth of why we are here. If we are honest and gentle with ourselves, we can begin to know the ways of the heart and harmonize them with the mental plane. All is in alignment within and without as we can continue along the path ahead. We are asked to bring more Divine light to the world by creating our unique heaven bubble, a beautiful concept from Charis Melina. I imagine everybody doing what they love the most, what makes their soul sparkle and shine within vibrant rainbow bubbles filled with light. You know that you are in a heaven bubble when you look around and see love, kindness, and inspiration. I invite you to tune into the heart space, ask what would be in the highest good to create, and move in the direction of manifestation by taking guided action.

We are here to create heaven on earth. We are now in the process of manifesting a unique expression of our heaven bubble, then merging with others who have also created a paradise and sanctuary on Gaia. This movement and awakening gathers until all are encompassed by the divine wisdom of oneness, unconditional love.


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