Humble Channel

Ethereal Mermaid

I recently received a loving, empowering Soul Astrology reading from Gaia Earth Star, a Pleiadian channel and spiritual guide. She is here to guide us to the truth that we are unconditional love and compassion. We are here to be lightworkers, to have our own experience, to live our wildest dreams and deepest passions. I was inspired by her multidimensional wisdom and understanding of astrology at a deep soul level. Her readings activate your being by looking at the natal chart, a unique expression of cosmic and planetary energies at the precise moment of birth. According to Gaia’s wisdom, we are each born with a guide to our soul’s deepest desires, which can be interpreted through the Node Node and other aspects of the chart. The sign and house of the North Node signify where we are going in life, where we must strive in order to expand and fulfill our soul purpose.

During my reading, Gaia channeled wisdom about my North Node in Capricorn, the sign of the master achiever. In this life, my soul desires to step into the role of a compassionate leader who will guide others in practical, grounded ways. Gaia encouraged me to embrace my role as a teacher and way-shower, telling me to be the humble channel for Divine wisdom to flow. This was so beautiful to hear from her, a gentle reminder to not let the ego get in the way of spiritual teaching and learning.

We are encouraged and invited to be the humble channels for Universal wisdom, oneness, and compassion. Remembering We are One.

+ Find Gaia Earth Star ~ Soul Astrologer, Pleiadian Channel, Spiritual Guide


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