Activating the Divine Feminine


+ attune to the lunar cycles
+ dance, play, sing & acknowledge your inner child
+ sit in the stillness of meditation and consciously balance your energy. Inhale energy through the crown chakra at the top of the head. Exhale through the soles of the feet, feeling your body connected with the Earth’s center. Allow yourself to feel grounded in the wisdom of Gaia and activated by the Higher Self and cosmic love.
+ ask your guides and angels to support you in aligning with your highest possible timeline. They are always available when you call upon them.
+ give yourself a massage with coconut oil & essential oils like jasmine, lavender, ylang ylang & neroli.
+ read about Atlantis & Lemuria
+ nourish your body with fresh juice, green smoothies, and herbal tea like damiana or chamomile with raw honey.

+ know and trust that you are always guided!



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