Mermaid Oracle Card Reading of the Day

Atlantis: Rapid development, excellence, success
Honor the Masculine: Respecting men, embracing the masculine divine
Receptivity: Allow yourself to receive! Allow yourself to give!

Today’s Mermaid Oracle Card Reading invites us to access dreams and astral travel to unveil our true cosmic origins. Many healers, starseeds, mermaids, and priestesses have past-life connections to Atlantis, Lemuria, and ancient Egypt. These societies highly honored the Divine Feminine as teachers, shamans, artists, and healers. We awaken past-life memories by reading about these ancient civilizations as we currently activate the Divine Feminine as she rises into balance once again.

The channeled wisdom of the mermaids encourages all people to honor the Divine Masculine within and to call upon that aspect of ourselves for strength, integrity, and guided action. As we reconcile the Divine Feminine and bring her into harmony with the sacred masculine once again, we heal our deepest wounds of feeling separate or inferior.

The mermaids also ask us to heal blocked channels to receiving love, abundance, and success. In what ways have we blocked ourselves from receiving? We are always loved, just as we are now. Human imperfection is a given, and we came here to experience it. We also came here to learn unconditional forgiveness, acceptance, and love, as we ground cosmic wisdom in a shifting 3D to 5D paradigm. Now, the mermaids ask us to send loving light to the ways we blocked ourselves from receiving. We must simply get out of our own way.

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