Trust the process

At this time we are prepared to gain more clarity surrounding our dreams, goals and wishes for the future. Where do we want to be in a few months time, a year from now, ten years? How does our individual journey assist universal consciousness, oneness?

We are being called into the depths of our awareness, to connect with our higher selves in order to effectively channel the highest vibration of our soul purpose. Through contemplation, meditation, and intention, we align with the best possible timeline, our highest path that will of greatest service to others. We connect with the eternal part of ourselves, simultaneously deep and grounded as well as ethereal and connected with cosmic will.

Your angels and guides are close by, ready to be called on to assist your mission. They ask you to trust the process of your journey as it beautifully unfolds in Divine time. In this moment, you can consciously call upon the guidance of your higher self in manifesting your soul purpose. You agreed to your soul purpose because you knew you would have all the support needed to complete it.


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