Focus Inward

As empathic healers and lightworkers, we are learning how to maintain our boundaries, integrity, and high-vibrational ways of thinking and being, even in the face of unexpected surprises and turmoil. An integral part of this practice is effectively integrating the shadow into the all-encompassing light of love. Not pushing it away, but rather, shining awareness on our darkest aspects, asking them to be integrated into our being. Meditation, energy work, and inward focus are the cornerstones to this practice.

Earth Angels are natural healers, but until they practice grounding and upholding their auric field, they are prone to absorbing the energies of others, leaving them feeling depleted, anxious, or powerless. Others come to you for healing and guidance, but unless you are continuously giving back to yourself, nobody is truly being helped. If you are a sensitive Earth Angel, know that your empathy, compassion, and sensitivity are divine gifts. You have been given beautiful spiritual gifts that are meant to help others. 

Gaia goddess

For Earth Angels, inward focus is the absolute key to maintaining your energy and avoiding others from zapping your vital life force.

Inward focus as a daily practice ~ 

+ daily meditation and energy work, calling in your angels and guides for protection and guidance. Send healing to Gaia and all sentient beings.
+ grounding practices, such as yoga, dance, nature walks, and placing your bare feet on the earth.
+ check in with your breath throughout the day. long deep yogic breaths, expanding the diaphragm on the inhale, fully contracting the lungs on the exhale. Breath is prana, life force.
+ stretch and elongate the spine, breathing deeply into any energy blockages.
+ keep your energy high and pure by consuming fresh, raw foods prepared with attention and love. You are what you eat, literally & energetically! Listen to your body.
+ do what you love!




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