Full Moon in Virgo ~

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 16 is aspected by Saturn, which is all about taking responsibility for ourselves fully, including the emotional baggage and deep-seated wounds we would rather turn away from. We are urged to step into alignment with our soul-purpose by mastering the mind, releasing debilitating self-criticism through mastery and service to others. The highest vibration of Virgo is humility, service, and healing. Ruled by the mental planet Mercury, Virgo encourages us to be super lucid and clear-minded in order to effectively align with our unique evolutionary path.

Virgo is analytical, meticulous, and detail-oriented. The challenge is to use discernment to move closer toward love and service rather than succumbing to the Virgo tendency of judgement. With this powerful energy of the full moon, we are invited to pay attention to the details, to clear our space and our aura. We set powerful intentions to bring us closer toward our heart’s desire, and more importantly, we move closer to our desire by taking intuitively guided action.

Diet, nutrition, and exercise are all ruled by Virgo, especially practices such as yoga and meditation, which harmonize the body-mind. Any intentions to revamp these areas of your life, as well as your work life and productivity, will be powerfully supported by the full moon. Move forward with your goals to be healthy, happy, and high-vibrational in order to more effectively help and heal the planet. This full moon, you can channel the higher aspects of Virgo to assist you in manifesting your intentions. 

+ Gaia Earth Star: Virgo Full Moon ~ Serve Thy Soul


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