Meditation for Clarity

Meditation is the practice of stilling the mind in order to get in touch with intuition. Cultivating a devoted meditation practice allows you to cleanse your consciousness on a regular basis, creating space for greater clarity and spiritual wisdom to guide your daily life. One way to still the chatter of the mind is to bring your focus to the breath or a mantra. This keeps the mind alert and engaged, while quieting excess thoughts, allowing you dwell in the peaceful space of the heart.

Creating a meditation practice ~

+ Commit to your self-love by setting aside a specific time to meditate, such as upon rising when the mind is fresh and clear. Also, set aside a few minutes before sleep to calm the mind and integrate the events of the day, letting go of whatever does not serve your purpose. 

+ Prepare for a sitting meditation by stretching and consciously relaxing the body. Gently elongate and twist the spine while taking long, deep breaths to clear any stagnant energy. Inhale as you bring the shoulders up toward the ears, and exhale, rolling the shoulders down the back, opening the chest.

+ Continue breathing deeply into the abdomen, bringing your attention to each inhale and exhale with the intention of relaxing any muscles that are not being used to hold your body upright. There is no need to control the breath during meditation, simply observe and you will begin to notice the breath becomes steady, regular, and deep.

+ Sit in a calm place where you will not be disturbed for awhile. It is helpful to have a cushion to sit on, allowing the hips to be above the legs. This will reduce discomfort in the legs and allow you to sit longer. In the beginning you may not be able to sit for awhile, but gradually increase the time.

+ Find a comfortable position, sitting cross legged on the floor, laying down, or sitting upright in a chair, spine long. Once the body is settled, bring your attention to the breath at the tip of your nose. Feel the cool air passing through the nostrils on the inhale, and the slightly warmer air on the exhale. Continue breathing normally, feeling how each breath expands and contracts the body slightly. Notice any areas of tension within the physical or emotional body. 

+ Allow the breath to be the mind’s point of focus throughout the meditation. If a sound or thought distracts your full attention, again bring the mind back to the breath. Perhaps this may need to happen over and over. Simply notice what is going on in your inner world, without judgement.

+ Continue this practice each day, whenever you need to recharge your energy or strengthen your aura



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