Infinite Possibility Paradigm

This is a powerful time when we are coming into alignment with our soul purpose, remembering why we chose to come here. It truly takes courage, devotion, and trust in the Universe to move toward our divine mission on earth. Any action in alignment with your soul will be supported! The Universe wants us to expand and evolve toward oneness and an infinite possibility paradigm. We are the ones who have to take the leap of faith, knowing that ultimately, we are safe and so loved. With the deep understanding everything will work itself out in divine time, we can move forward with confidence and guided action.

Bali Waterfall by Ethereal Mermaid

When we align with the calling of our heart, the Universe is behind the scenes, bringing us the exact experiences we need for our soul’s evolution, in coordination with our level of consciousness at that time. Our guides and angels, however, will not interfere with our free will. Therefore, it is imperative that we consciously choose to shift and trust the process. There is no need to worry about how it will all play out. Let the Universe take care of the details of how, when, and why. It is your responsibility to choose love, gratitude, and guided action in each moment.

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