The Power of your Presence

One of the greatest gifts you can offer another is the power of your presence, of being fully, truly in the here and now. When you are completely present, you are not concerned with past or future worries. There is infinite compassion, acceptance, and truth. Your breath is long and deep, cleansing your entire body and auric field, healing those around you and the environment. The breath is the vehicle of spirit, of the divine. Never doubt the power of your breath and of your being. Wherever you go, there you are, a beautiful healer and a light on to others.


When you are present, the mind is clear and radiant like a diamond. You access your intuition, the gentle, calm voice of the heart that says, “Go in this direction, Dear One.” Unafraid and unapologetic, you embrace the light and darkness within, without judgement.

You may never know the full extent of your healing presence in others lives. You are asked to trust the path before you, navigating it with fluidity and grace, in each breath, each moment. As a spiritual being in the now, you are asked to release dogma and judgment in order to just be. Each breath is a surrender to the now, a reminder to be fully present with the totality of experience, to be in the heart.



  1. I love this site! :D Btw any suggestions on how to reconnect with my guides again? Kind of let it fade away a year ago :/ Btw are you mermaid?

    • Thanks Sam. that is a great question, my suggestions are to spend more time in nature and meditation. free-writing & journaling helps me alot too. your guides are always with you, waiting for you to call upon them. you can say “guides please connect with me now” and ask them any questions. I think i will write a blog on this topic soon! :) my soul has connections to the mermaid realm, they are elementals, like fairies & earth angels, anybody can connect to them if they feel a resonance!

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