Future Focus

Today the Grand Cardinal Cross is exact and we are all feeling the intensity of massive change underway. Know that we’ve already been on this journey of epic awakening and transformation since 2012, the beginning of what Mystic Medusa refers to as the Zap Zone, Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Add Jupiter and Mars to the mix, squaring the whole thing, and a potent initiation period is well underway. The key to navigating these times is compassion, forgiveness, and ultimate transformation. We are not here to play small any longer, or to succumb to old ways of thinking, being, and living.

This time about self-responsibility, finding that inner fire to grow and change in new directions, without needing the approval of any external source. Uranus in Aries is about individuation, evolution, and harmonization of the whole. Channel this energy into loving yourself, living in your truth and power. The cosmos is gifting us with this lovely transformational energy, assisting us in aligning with our soul’s highest purpose and desire to experience Oneness.

lucid dreams aura jade

“Conspire with yourself to become even more Awesome. If you’re up for making an positive and productive evolution to any area of your life whatsoever, this astro is onside, supportive and capable of steeling resolve, speeding momentum. If you’re stuck or trying to will a dysfunctional structure into maintaining its form you may want to re-think your stance. Now.”
– Mystic Medusa


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