Essential Practices for Earth Angels and Empaths

Those who identify as healers, empaths, and Earth Angels are extremely sensitive to energy. On a daily basis, some essential practices can help us find harmony even when the external environment sways our mood. If you feel drained, irritable or negative after spending time in a certain place or with certain people, that is a sign that you need to protect and reset your energy. Empaths and Earth Angels channel so much energy through them, and may take on the energy of others.

Meditation is the number one way to reset your energy, especially with a devoted practice to start the day. When you are going about your day and you feel your energy begin to drop, take a short meditation, tuning into the breath, completely filling and emptying the lungs. Release stagnant energy with an audible exhalation through the mouth. Continue the full cycle of yogic breathing for 30 seconds or 1 minute, then see how you feel.

Make a commitment to lucidity. This means being devoted to maintaining your own high vibration, even in the midst of chaos. Pinpoint the things in your life that lower your energy. What steps can you take to protect yourself in those situations? What do you perhaps need to give up? It may be a low-level habitual pattern that served you in the past, but is no longer working for you. You may be asked to let go of a thought-form that served as a from of protection in the past. Get real, clear, and honest with yourself in contemplation. This is also a commitment to your self-love, so devote nonnegotiable time to those things that bring you childlike wonder and joy.

Create a personal sanctuary in which you can retreat and recharge. You need a safe, clean, high-vibe dwelling, even if its a corner of your room for meditation. I recommend adding crystals and plants that you charge up with your intention and healing, which in turn will create a more harmonious space for you to dream, contemplate, and reset your energy.

Nature time! Connecting with Gaia is soothing, nurturing, and grounding. In the sunshine and cool grass, your aura expands and cultivates that feeling of oneness and connection with all that is. Be still and silent, taking in the lessons and secrets Gaia will share with you.



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