Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon is a time of heightened energy where we can ride the high tides of the ethers and direct our intention toward that which we want to create. This is a powerful time to contemplate your dreams and clearly, consciously decide what you want to bring into this world. Collectively, we are grounding in this new paradigm of oneness and harmony. What we direct our thoughts and energy toward should be closely considered at this time. With greater awakening affords greater responsibility, and therefore, the focus on our intentions must be unwavering.

Take some deep breaths, bringing yourself back again and again to the present. Remember the breath is the vehicle of spirit, and as you practice conscious breathing, you are able to hold more and more light within. Yes, you are here to be the lighthouse for others! As you stand in your peace, authenticity, and grace, you unknowingly inspire and awaken so many others. Never doubt the power of your full presence, your compassion, your smile, laughter and happiness.

Many Blessings on your path.


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