Jupiter in Leo

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On July 17 Jupiter, the benefic planet of good luck, wisdom, and philosophy moves into the fiery sign of Leo, urging us to connect with the heart and shine our light. Leo is compassionate, generous, and creative, and adores to be in the spotlight. Jupiter is the teacher and guru, and his influence expands whatever it touches. In the sign of Leo, we are gently encouraged to connect with our inner child and foster our creativity, self-care, and self-expression. Leo loves to laugh, dance, play, and create. Shine your heart’s light in all that you do, and the Universe will bless you with unexpected gifts and opportunities, especially while assisting others on their path.

When you share your authentic self, in all your vulnerability, power, compassion, and love, you inspire so many others. You may not even realize it, but trust that what is best for you is also best for everyone else. Because we live in a fractal universe, the microcosm is but a reflection of the whole. And so when you are happy and living in the highest vibration of your truth, that creates harmonic patterns within the entire Universe.

The Leo energy is warm sunshine and heart-centered creativity and self-expression. Jupiter in Leo is all about having fun, laughing, playing, and connecting to our beautiful inner child. With this in mind, know that when you focus on what makes you happy, you effectively ground in more light and inspire many, many others, simply by the elevated vibration of your being. We are all channeling Source, and an aspect of that is our soul’s unique expression!


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