As part of our commitment to uplifting others and the environment, Earth Angels are guided to make changes that bring harmony to our inner and outer worlds. This includes not only what we eat, but also what products we choose to use for personal care and beauty. One of my missions is to choose natural and organic whenever possible, in order to limit the negative impact my choices have on the environment and my physical body. This also coincides with a shift to a more minimal way of living, but one that is nonetheless filled with beauty and abundance. By acknowledging that our choices effect the greater whole, and taking responsibility for even the smallest choices, we are empowered to make conscious decisions, creating a more harmonious existence.

Earth Angels are super sensitive to chemicals and we are truly being guided to detox from unhealthy, harmful products. For example, I’ve been guided to change my self-care routine to be in alignment with my heart by not using toxic chemical-laden perfumes, lotions, and sunscreen. Instead I opt for pure essential oils, coconut oil, and mineral sunscreen. Hemp oil is another amazing skin moisturizer that can be mixed with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.  Our body naturally produces Vitamin D through natural sunlight, which is vital to feeling happy. Another loving shift is to use fluoride-free toothpaste, as fluoride is a neurotoxin that is also present in our drinking water. It is best to avoid your exposure to this by changing to a natural toothpaste like Jasons or Desert Essence.

Harsh chemical lathering agents in shampoo can be replaced with baking soda and apple cider vinegar for the hair, and coconut oil & honey as a conditioner. Baking soda, fine sugar, and sea salt also work wonderfully as body scrubs. Lush makes natural soaps that do not contain preservatives. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is another great option. Aluminium in anti-antiperspirants is also a concern, as it is the body’s natural process to sweat. I suggest trying a natural deodorant made from mineral salt. It lasts a long time, works well, and does not contain aluminum.

The angels are guiding us to shift, so tune in with your heart and hear their gentle messages. I recommend checking out the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to see what chemicals are in your daily products and shift to a healthier option that has less of a negative environmental impact. The Free People blog has many natural beauty DIYs including face masks, lotions, deodorant, and hair care. Also check out this article, The Key to Going Natural. These small, gradual changes lead to great energetic shifts as we all move into alignment with our soul’s yearning to be one with Universal will.



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