Return to the Breath

The mind is a powerful tool, one that is best harnessed toward one-pointed focus. Time and again, it so often focuses on things outside of our control, projecting judgments on the past and fear of what is yet to come. In the tides of the Universe, gain and loss, pleasure and pain, we can only control our state of awareness, how much presence we can bring to every moment. When the mind is focused on fear and worry, it takes us out the present and the heart space, making it difficult to hear the gentle whisper of our intuition.

Taking deep yogic breaths brings us back to the present, where we live from the heart. We may be breathing shallowly from the top of the chest,  causing the body to hold tension. The energy needs to flow freely, and we can facilitate this process by bringing our focus to the breath.

Practice bringing conscious awareness to the breath by exhaling, emptying the lungs completely as the navel moves gently in and up toward the spine, and inhaling fully, expanding the belly and diaphragm. Take the deepest breath you’ve taken all day, fully filling the lungs from the stomach up to the top of the chest. Release any built up tension with an audible sigh through the mouth. Continue the deep inhale and exhale through the nose, and notice the shifts you feel within a minute. Even a few cycles of this conscious breathing can create a wave of peace through your entire being.

The breath is truly the vehicle of the divine. It is how we detoxify, bring oxygen to the body, and take in prana, pure source energy and light. When the mind detours into anxiety and worry, return to the breath, and you will witness the pure awareness that is love.



  1. Thanks lAura, Always’s great to be remind of the breath. always present but easy forgotten.. nice to see your posting more often again… I always try to read them :) I Feel of the yoga wagon for a while, into old habits but I’m back on track again theses days and SO glad and feeling like I’m whole again. Thanks for you Light thoughts.. Jesse

    • Thank you Jesse nice to hear from you! i hope you are enjoying your travels & adventures. yoga and the breath can always be the grounding force no matter what is going on or where you are. the road is calling my name! i am planning to be posting and traveling more, getting inspired this is how the blog all began :)

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