Full Moon in Aquarius

This Sunday marks the Full Moon in Aquarius. It is a supermoon, meaning that the moon is closer to the earth, appearing larger in the night sky and activating the electric Aquarius energy which is all about technology, astrology, connecting with others, and being an individual. This innovative time is about new ideas, expressing our creativity and inner desire to be unique and special. With this cosmic energy our lesson is how to be more fully authentic in a way that helps others on their path. Aquarius is the water-bearer who guides other Souls to Source. The Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury are also activating the glamourous sign of Leo. Think art, beauty, romance, creativity, and amazing hair! Channel the creative flow.

The Aquarian Age is here Dear ones, we just have to consciously align with our heart-centered truth and wisdom. I love the energy of Aquarius, my moon sign. It is intellectual in a detached way with is perfect for gaining a realistic perspective. This is a progressive, forward-thinking humanitarian sign. Aquarius is the visionary, one step ahead of mass consciousness. This energy is about being unapologetically authentic. Aquarius also rules the celestial and angelic realms, so this is a powerful time to lovingly invite your guides and angels into your life. They are available at all times to assist you in any way, but they will not interfere with your free will.

The exact time will be on Sunday August 10 at 2:09 pm Eastern and 11:09 am Pacific, in 16 degrees of Aquarius.
We all have Aquarius and Leo somewhere in our natal chart. The harmony of Aquarius-Leo is flowing the energy of love and life through a pure and open heart. Once we balance the polarity of these energies, we are centered in our hearts yet connected to the collective consciousness of humanity at the same time. If you would like to see what areas of your life are being activated by this Super Full Moon, reach out for a reading.


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