Mermaid Empathy

     Mermaids are elemental water beings in the astral realm. Rarely, they incarnate as a human woman with a mermaid’s aura of water: nurturing, compassionate, and feminine. There is no separation between them and every molecule of water on Gaia. Mermaids can instantly attune their energy to every ocean, wave, ripple, and raindrop. They have but one purpose, to love. Mermaids are aware of their intimate connection to nature. The myriad waters that caress the entire planet are an innate part of their being and they cannot be separate from it. Mermaids heal others with water energy. Their nature is to love freely and unconditionally.

From William Mistele,

       “A mermaid woman’s astral body, then, is analogous to water in nature. She knows how to let go. She feels pure. She has a primordial innocence. She freely gives of herself. She feels that life involves a continual exchange of energy with others. And her connection to water produces highly developed feelings of peace, happiness, contentment, vivaciousness, empathy, and the desire to heal and benefit others. A human mermaid woman can flow her aura through someone she is near to or cares about. A hard-core mermaid woman can do this with anyone anywhere on earth. The other person does not have to be physically present for her to flow her energy through the other.”

ethereal mermaid salty water gaia goddess

     Mermaids feel the feelings of others and dream their dreams. They can sense another’s presence, their wishes and desires, and also, their greatest potential. Mermaids do not live in linear time, so can sense the past, present and future. Like water, mermaids adapt effortlessly to their environment. People feel comforted and safe in their presence because mermaids understand their true nature, beyond social constructions and ego. Mermaids understand that nothing is outside of them, but all is unified in the love that pervades all existence. She knows she is nature, and radiates wisdom, peace, compassion, and innocence.

     Her empathy surpasses the understanding of humans. She feels that she must conceal her true nature just to survive in society. Mermaids do not have human egos. She unconditionally loves and accepts others, with an intimate understanding of the divine nature of reality. Although mermaids possess empathy that allows them to deeply connect with others at a soul level, they remain detached in relationships. They understand that most people do not access the transformative power of love, but rather, seek to control or possess in matters of the heart. Mermaids remain lovingly unattached to people and experiences, flowing effortlessly and gracefully on her journey.

     During meditation, we can connect to the mermaid realm by coming into a deep state of peace, beyond thought. Call in Archangel Michael to shield you with his angelic light. Mermaids communicate through feeling and scan one’s energetic field to see if it is in vibrational resonance to the water realm. If you feel called to work with the mermaid realm, raise your vibration: your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. The angels will assist you whenever you call upon them. As your daily practice, meditate on the waters of Gaia, every ocean, lake, stream, river, waterfall, and dewdrop. Visualize that you can feel every aspect of water. Attune to the mermaid realm through pure intention, affirming that Gaia is restored to her optimal vibrational frequency, including all the waters, plants, animals, and people.

Traits of Mermaid Women by William Mistel.


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