Walking the Magic Path


Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Many of us are lovingly embracing our roles as beacons of light and spiritual teachers. With blessings of unconditional love and acceptance, now you can leave behind any thoughts of fear or worry surrounding your soul purpose and mission. Know that you were born to walk this path, to rediscover your connection with Source in your heart. Remember, we are all co-creators and our thoughts are prayers. Therefore, whatever you think about begins to manifest as that is what your life force is focused on. Never doubt your power to create! This is the time to do so consciously, in alignment with the good of All. Remembering we are One.

By walking the magical path of the heart, we become aware of unconscious, self-sabotaging patterns. At any time you can leave these behind, with your pure intention and perhaps even calling upon assistance from your guides, angels, and the ascended masters, like Buddha, Jesus, and Quan Yin. They are teachers of compassion who walked this earth in order to assist others toward the light. You are unconditionally loved and supported as you align with your soul’s highest purpose and your heart’s deepest desire. And so, as you walk your sacred, authentic path, you teach and inspire others.


You are a beautiful light unto others. Shine on.




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