Sacred Travel

There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than shaking up your routine and heading off on an adventure to a new place with a sense of awe, wonder, and child-like joy. When you travel to a far-out destination, you have the opportunity to leave behind your expectations and enter the harmonious state of flow. Everything is imbued with a magical, curious, mysterious feeling. Anything could happen as you leave behind the familiar in favor of the new and bold.


Sacred travel presents an opportunity to take a risk, try new things, and allow your comfort zone to expand. This is where mind and paradigm expansion happens. There is full trust in the Universal flow of abundance and joy, that whatever you need will be presented at the right moment and not a moment before. Perhaps more easily than before, you lose awareness of the passage of time. This is true leisure, when you surrender to the Now.

Beyond language, you realize that smiles are Universal. The language of the heart knows no borders. And so when you come from a place of whole-heartedness, and centered awareness, you flow with whatever comes your way. There is no judgement, no grasping or attachment to outcomes. There is only the Now, and it is neither good nor bad. The ego likes to judge, compare, and separate. Yet the heart truly allows, in the infinite wisdom of Oneness. Sacred travel is to allow what is to be. Sacred travel beckons you to tune in, and move from your cosmic heart.

Picture taken in Costa Rica.



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