Awaken your Cosmic Heart

The spiritual journey is truly the path of the warrior. We are asked to go deep and face the darkness, while remaining connected to our heart-centered truth and awareness of the light within. At this time, all is in Divine order and all is unfolding magnificently. Everything is here for you to learn, grounded into the reality of third dimensional Earth as we continue the harmonization process. We are awakening to our multidimensional selves, realizing that there is not only one “true” reality. We consciously tune in to whatever we want to experience. As free-will, creative, powerful beings, the opportunities are infinite. Believe, know, and trust in your heart that all is Love and ultimately, Oneness.

As we awaken to our cosmic heart, there is much healing, integration, and harmonization that needs to be done. This means becoming aware of the thought patterns and self-sabotaging programs that are no longer in alignment with our highest good. As you shine the light of awareness on any limiting beliefs or unconscious habits, tune into your heart, your Soul, and ask for guidance to release these once and for all. With your focus and pure intention, all can be healed in an instant.

Energy Healing Meditation to Awaken and Harmonize your Cosmic Heart

The first step in healing is to acknowledge the pattern that is holding you back. This guided meditation will assist you in releasing accumulated fear and limiting beliefs.

Find a peaceful place where you will be undisturbed. Create or prepare your sacred space in whatever way you feel guided. I like to have my meditation cushion with a rug, a salt lamp, candles, and crystals nearby. Have the space be a comfortable temperature and lighting. You may choose to clear your sacred space with a sage smudge, Reiki, or your intention.

Once the space has been prepared, sit comfortably with your spine in alignment, shoulders and neck relaxed.  Call in your Soul and multidimensional aspects, including your guides and angels, to assist this process of self-healing, integration, and harmonization. Begin by bringing your awareness to the breath, noticing the subtlety of each inhale and exhale. Gradually, begin to slow and deepen the breath, fully filling and emptying the lungs. Continue this deep breathing as you gently let go of attachment to any thoughts, simply watching them like clouds floating across the clear blue sky.

From this place of peaceful awareness, extend a feeling of unconditional love and acceptance toward yourself. You may imagine a glowing bubble of healing white light, a misty cloud filled with rainbows, a waterfall, or a soft pink glow that only allows love to enter, transmuting any negativity into Source, pure love. Dwell in the loving, gracious space of your heart while keeping your breathing long and deep, cleansing your entire body and energy field. Imagine this light or flowing water bringing your entire being into balance.

After you’ve cleared and cleansed your aura, invoke the feeling of gratitude in your heart. Notice all of the things you have to be grateful for. Each breath is a gift. Connect to the heart of Mother Earth and feel her loving, nurturing energy. Next, invoke the feeling of unconditional acceptance. Let go of any self-judgement or feelings of fear, inferiority, or not being good enough. Extend forgiveness to yourself and to all others who may have wronged you in the past. Allow your healing energy to transmute these feelings into love and acceptance for what is.

Recognize any mistakes that have been made overall, and affirm, “I take responsibility for my part. I request that Source come heal, harmonize, transmute, and ascend the entire situation in all directions, and along all timelines. I invite the full harmonic upgrades available to me at this time as I align with my Soul’s highest purpose and my heart’s deepest desire.” Feel free to use any words that naturally come to you, as the true focus is the intention behind them.

Continue conscious breathing as you dwell in this serene space of healing that is available to you at any time. Thank yourself and your guides for their assistance. Remind yourself to call upon your divine support system whenever you feel confused or detour into a fearful mindset.

Many Blessings to you on your journey. I invite you to reach out for an astrology or intuitive reading whenever you need more guidance and clarity.


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