Full Moon in Pisces ~

This Monday, September 8th marks the Full Moon in Pisces, the sign of creativity, compassion, and Oneness. It is a time of completion as an issue resolves or a situation comes full circle. This sensitive, psychic sign is connected with Neptune, the planet ruling the oceans, the subconscious, and our dreams. With this beautiful mystical energy, we are invited to delve deep into ourselves and honor our sensitivity and intuition. The Universe is truly communicating with us at all times, especially through symbols, archetypes, and metaphors, so this is a wonderful time to bring more awareness to your dreams and synchronistic events throughout the day. Be open to receiving messages from your Soul. This is a potent time to get in touch with your deepest dreams and desires, as well as any emotional or psychic blocks you have created that prevent you from receiving.

This Full Moon in Pisces will support you in connecting with your imagination and deepening your spiritual practice. Take time to tune into your heart during meditation, and use your intuition to clear your energetic field of any debris or toxic patterns that are blocking you from being a vibrational match to that which you want to experience. This is also a time to lovingly assert your personal boundaries, as well as detoxing from harmful substances or patterns so that we may be clear channels for our divine wisdom to flow. In this way, you will strengthen your connection to your intuition.

“Channel this creativity from Source through writing, singing, playing, creating and being. Remembering, that ultimately Source is guiding your way, and the more you surrender to this flow of unconditional Love, the more you will enjoy your human experience as a spiritual being. Allow yourself to be human my Dear Ones. Your sensitivity, vulnerabilities and feelings are your true gifts. Cultivate and nurture them with compassion. Allow yourself to go beyond the ego-mind-prison and you will discover a true magical world right in the here and now, on Planet Earth.”

– Gaia Earth Star


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