Shadow Integration

When we open to the possibility that there is a greater force behind existence, a Universal law, we can begin the process of attuning to Divine will. For me, this opportunity to open to a greater perspective arose when I was sick and tired of feeling disconnected from my purpose. I no longer wanted to feel alone, confused, and unworthy. I knew there had to be a better way. And so began this beautiful journey, the path of the spiritual warrior.

What came up for me yesterday during meditation was an intense emotional clearing and shadow integration. Past memories of sadness and inferiority flooded my mind, times when I didn’t feel good enough, when I compared myself to others, and all of the ways I looked outside of myself for validation, security and happiness. Open and willing to see a loving perspective, I was finally prepared to take full responsibility for all of the ways I perpetuated these fearful thoughts. I took a clear look at my patterns, such as ignoring the gentle call of my intuition, instead turning to food and shopping to numb and distract myself from my feelings. Engulfed in these fearful programs, I unconsciously cut myself off from my Divine truth. In this way, I effectively denied my sensitivity, empathy, and intuition as the beautiful gifts that they truly are. 

During this process of healing and integration, I recognized how I invested my life force into these lies and belief systems based on fear and pain. By inviting an empowered, loving perspective into this situation, I realized that these programs stemmed from a feeling of unworthiness and disconnection from love, our true essence. Forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion allowed me to integrate these unhealed aspects of myself by bringing them into the light. From there, I choose a to shift to a higher vibration by surrendering these fears and letting them go at last. Now I feel lighter, more free, and able to move forward with a sense of clarity and grace.

We all have the power to heal ourselves if we open our hearts to love. Many of us are going through our own emotional clearings. Whatever is being repressed will only grow stronger until you finally face your fears and bring the light of awareness to them. Things are coming to the surface in order to be healed. My suggestion for you, spiritual warrior, is to open up to receiving healing and guidance. Extend forgiveness, compassion, and loving-kindness to yourself, always. If something is weighing heavy on you, turn toward it instead of turning away. Invite all unhealed aspects of yourself to be lovingly integrated. The heaviness of fear and pain can be surrendered, healed, and transmuted into pure Source, leaving only the loving lessons behind.



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