New Moon in Libra

The New Moon is a time of fresh beginnings, and this upcoming cycle is heightened by the power planet Pluto turning direct. Pluto is all about intensity, pushing past our own boundaries to see what we’re really made of. This New Moon in harmonious Libra will have an undertone of depth and delving into the shadow. How far have we come on this journey? We are about to receive the bounty of all the spiritual work we’ve done so far, harvesting the fruits of our labor. The New Moon welcomes the autumnal equinox for the lovely readers in the Northern hemisphere.


This is the season of change, harvest, abundance, and planting new seeds for the future as we prepare for the creative introspection of winter. Feel the subtle hint of change in the air. Something big is on the horizon. This is a prelude to the volatile, intense Eclipse season of next month. In October, there will be a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries and a New Moon Eclipse at 0 degrees of Scorpio, which will be super potent. The major themes for this Eclipse season will be transformation, regeneration and relationships coming into clear focus.

I will write more about these lunar eclipses in subsequent articles. For now, just know that changes are on the way for the better. Any situations in which you’ve felt stuck will soon be cleared out to make way for the new. The more you align with change and new opportunities, the better able you will be to flow with the tides of the time. We have the cosmic energies supporting our greatest dreams in order to bring them to manifestation. There is a window of opportunity here that will carry over into October. Now is the time to align with this transformative energy by tuning into your intuition, clearing your energy field of old storylines based on fear, and aligning with your most audacious, beautifully awesome timeline! The choice is always yours.





  1. As always I love reading your posts. This New Moon in Libra is feeling extra powerful to me because I will be celebrating my Golden Birthday – 25 on the 25th – during this whole transformative time. I’m excited and nervous and ready all at the same time! I guess all I can do is be patient and wait and keep sending my intentions out into the universe. Blessings and thank you for always providing these insightful readings.

    • Happy early birthday sister! The influence of the New Moon will definitely be felt on your birthday and the days leading up to it. Your intentions will be supported by the energy of this moon and your solar return to give it a boost! Yay thank you for reading!

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