Dance for Grounding and Creativity


Creativity and sensual power can be unlocked through free movement and dance, enlivening the body and opening energetic channels on all levels. Moving freely embodies the element of water, ever flowing, never stagnant. To grow stagnant is to become blocked. Your creative power and inner wisdom require an open, clear channel in order to flow. Spending time near bodies of water will remind you of life’s changing quality. Nothing stays the same for long. Part of our lesson is learning to flow rather than fighting the current, which depletes our power and effectiveness.

I invite you to embody the flowing, receptive element of water by tuning into your body, allowing it to move naturally in a way that feels sensual and juicy. Turn on your favorite music, jam out or go see some live music. Listen to the beat, allowing it to wash over you, feeling the physical sensations in your body. Turn off the ego-mind that seeks to judge and compare, simply allowing it to take a backseat to the moment. Settling into the heart and body, dancing will activate your root and sacral chakras, grounding you and unlocking your inner creative power.


Move in whatever ways feel natural for you! I love to swim, hike, practice yoga, or hula-hoop! Notice if parts of your body feel heavy or blocked, inviting energy to that area through gentle movement. Ecstatic dance and free movement are an amazing tools for awakening goddesses who are coming into their power and leaving behind cultural paradigms that have restricted the expression of our sensuality and Divine feminine power. Dancing moves stagnant energy by increasing circulation and oxygenating the entire body. Leave behind any self-consciousness or judgement as you honor your beautiful curves. Your body is a temple and a vessel of the Divine. Treat it was the love and care it desires, simply tune in!

Aloha and blessings from Kauai ~



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