Kauai Healing ~


There’s something different about Kauai, the Garden Isle. It’s the northern-most Hawaiian island that is not overdeveloped or very corporatized. There is a law that no building may be higher than a coconut tree, and therefore no high-rise buildings or resorts. There are many stunning beaches, like Secret Beach above, and the most coastline of beaches of all the Hawaiian islands. Before I even landed on Kauai, I could feel her nurturing presence beckoning me to explore, to swim in her waters, and tread lightly on her shores.

Many healers are drawn here. The island is brimming with lush tropical plants, colorful flowers, and warm crystal blue-green waters. The stunning waterfalls and rainbows evoke enchantment and magic, as well as the majestic cliffs of the mountains. There is something special in the air, the way the warm breeze caresses your skin, in the way the sun illuminates and transforms into blazing golden sunsets. Here the goddess is revered for her abundant, rampant beauty. She also commands respect, yielding the mysterious power to create, destroy and transform.




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