Inner Muse

flowers in pool

“My love is effective under all conditions of life, for I am part of the mysterious power of the sea.”

The highest vibration of Neptune is the ultimate Muse. Spirituality, art, music, dance, film, devotion, and hope.  Neptune represents the ocean, our emotions, dreams, and the collective unconscious. It is yoga, union with the Divine, enlightenment, compassion, and empathy. Walking in beauty, yet embracing the dark, mysterious, and mystical aspects of reality. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, romantic and personal love. Neptune represents Divine, transcendent Love. Mermaids embody this vibration of innocent Love that is everywhere, in every moment. They spontaneously and effortlessly feel another’s emotions, pain, deepest dreams and desires as if they are their own. They possess the vitality and magnetism of the water element that is inherently receptive and healing.


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