Love Every Moment


The element of water in nature is life-giving, replenishing, and invigorating. It is soothing, cooling, and magnetic. Think of all the life contained within the ocean, and you will get a glimpse of unconditional love that is completely giving in every moment. The vibration of water is completely receptive, effortlessly transforming itself in a myriad of ways. It is healing and nurturing, responding to whatever is needed in the present.

Like water, we are constantly flowing energy in, through, and around us. When energy gets stagnant, it creates a blockage on the physical, mental, emotional, or etheric level that needs to be released. Self-love is an ongoing journey rather than a quick, one-time-fix. Healing on all levels is created by consciously raising our vibration, thus becoming an energetic match to what we want to experience. As limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns fall away, we are invited to live from a more heart-centered place in which we recognize the love, approval, and abundance we seek is always within.


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