Fresh Spring Vibe

spring is in the air

The warmth of sunshine on bare skin. Flowers bloom one by one. Bright skies invite us to linger a little longer outdoors. This cycle of rebirth gently awakens us from the cozy slumber of our winter retreat. Attuning to these cycles, we are called to action, bringing our loving intention to every moment of the day. What shall we create for the months and years ahead? How are we building upon our foundations in order to create in harmony with the Divine?

This cycle is about opening our hearts up to greater levels of joy, abundance, and sharing. Your intuition is always speaking to you. Will you get still enough to listen? Discover the tools that help you get back in touch with your heart. High-vibe music, dance, journaling, vision boards, and spending time in nature assist me to tune in. Take time to express gratitude for all the love in your life, recognizing the interconnectedness of all things.

Your soul~family is waiting for you, and they recognize you the more you shine your light. Bless every person you meet. Don’t be afraid to smile, make eye contact, and establish authentic connections with others.  Beam out positive vibes to every person you cross paths with. Others feel the purity of your love, transcending space and time. Others appreciate your sensitivity as you awaken to your Divine gifts and are called to share them.

In your meditation, send intentions of love, harmony, and healing to the waters of Gaia, as well as the air, plants, and all beings who call her home. Ground into the core of Mother Earth, beaming light from your heart to hers. Believe in your innate power to heal and transform. Remember, as you heal yourself, you heal the Universe, gracefully bringing all into harmony and balance.


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