Innocent Love


   She has dreamed of mermaids but not like this. When a mermaid incarnates, she is often separated from her place of origin. Yet she is still connected, surrounded by a dream of innocent love in which the images and contents of her realm have been removed so she can stay focused on the human world.

  This is what is channeling through her. The vibration surrounding her originates from this magical realm hidden within nature. If you sense her aura, her energy can lead you back to its source–being within and a part of the realm of mermaids. Focusing on her aura, I easily slip into this realm. This encounter with mermaids is completely spontaneous.

  Her inner mermaid comes right up to me. Her colors are emerald green and various shades of blue that radiate the feelings of hope, happiness, and love.  Her presence communicates to me the vastness and also her love.

   She says to me, “My love is effective under all conditions of life, for I am part of the mysterious power of the sea.”

From “Four Days with a Mermaid” by William Mistele


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