Thriving as an Empath

Much of the information out there for empaths is centered around the idea that you must protect yourself from undesirable energies. Shield yourself, draw a protective bubble of light, and so on. These concepts merely enforce an underlying assumption of separateness and victim consciousness.

The ability to process subtle energy at a greater intensity can feel like a burden, until we shift to the attitude of the empowered empath.  There is the “unskilled” empath and the “skilled” or awakened empath. The unskilled empath is at the mercy of whatever energy is around them and finds it difficult to feel grounded. They are unaware of the importance of their divine gift which naturally embraces compassion, intuition, and healing abilities. Until an empath learns to consciously work with and hone their intuitive nature, they find their boundaries between self and other blurry and undefined. This can be problematic when they easily absorb the energies of others and find it difficult to assert their boundaries, which may be at odds with the norm.

The first step in the empath’s awakening journey is becoming aware of their true nature. If you are like me, you may not have realized you were an empath until later in life. As a young person, I didn’t know there were concepts to describe my natural inclination toward solitude and introspection, and ability to feel the emotions of others as if they were my own. As a child, others simply said “oh, you’re too sensitive. You have to have a thick skin to survive in this world.” And so highly sensitive people often learn defense mechanisms to cope with the intensity of their feelings.

As an awakening empath, you view your sensitivity as the divine gift that it is, rather than a curse. You no longer have to hold the vibration of the victim any longer. The experience of feeling deeply is truly why we are here. Empaths are also meant to establish clear boundaries in all areas of their lives and learn to trust their innate wisdom. This means you honor your emotions and the messages they are communicating to you. If something doesn’t feel right, listen.

The journey of the awakening empath involves refining your intuition and developing your unique gifts. As you become more skilled as an intuitive, you are able to hold your core frequency wherever you are, no matter what. Empaths naturally process the energy around them through feeling, but they can also act as “filters” refining the energy around them. One of the lessons for intuitives is being aware of their internal state at all times and learning to adjust their energy accordingly in a more purposeful, effective way. The breath is your #1 tool to balance your internal state, which is why yoga and meditation is especially beneficial for highly sensitive people. As you develop and refine your intuitive skills, you are no longer at the mercy of others’ energies. You are free to be in your truth.



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