2016 vibes ~ Saturn in Saggittarius ~ Neptune in Pisces

The predominant vibration for this new year will be influenced by the Saturn-Neptune square. Saturn represents time, structure, and hard work that endures. Think of it as your legacy. With Saturn, there are no quick fixes, just relentless work and devotion toward your wildest dreams. It has a masculine, fatherly energy, and in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, it’s about preparing the structure to support your freedom and self-expression. This energy encourages you to be optimistic and take action that leads you closer to what you truly value and desire. We are in the process of rebuilding for a totally new era.

Saturn is squaring Neptune in Pisces, which represents glamour, art, dreams, and illusion. We are encouraged to channel the highest vibration of Neptune: the shaman, artist, healer, and visionary dreamer. Do not delude yourself with false hopes or beliefs. The lower vibration of Neptune is drugs, deception, and addiction. With Saturn aspecting Neptune, we have to be very aware of our own self-sabotaging patterns. There is a great opportunity for healing and integration on all levels. With devotion to our spiritual practice, we can deepen our intuitive and psychic skills and gain new abilities.

This year has a lot of mutable energy going on, which means it is beneficial to allow yourself to be flexible (in mind and body) and entertain your craziest desires. The Sagittarius energy will assist you to adopt a happy-go-lucky mindset. What’s the best that can happen?

This year is when we clearly define our personal philosophy and curate the life we want. Refine everything: your look, your career, relationships and belief systems. Everything is in your reach when you connect to your heart and align your actions with your greatest passions.


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