Full Moon in Virgo ☆

On February 22 we have a Full Moon in Virgo, the sign of the priestess. Virgo is an earthy, feminine, grounded energy that relates to our work, daily tasks, and health. This is the sign that governs the harvest. The focus during this moon cycle will be on streamlining our tasks, giving ourselves more healing energy, and becoming aware of the fruits of our actions. The keywords for Virgo are refinement and discernment. Think about auditing and editing your life from all angles to be more in line with who you are, and who you want to become.

Journaling and free-writing will be especially helpful at this time. You might make a to-do list or a visual map to organize your developing ideas. Tuning into the graceful energy of Virgo can assist us to see situations and potential outcomes with stunning clarity. Think about crafting the life you want and the tangible steps you can take to move closer toward your goal.

This is a lovely time to focus on the earth goddess and ponder how you can connect more deeply to nature. Perhaps you daydream under a tree, gaze at flowers and clouds, or send a wish to a star.


Conscious Upgrades

As you consciously upgrade your reality, you become more adept at navigating the world through intuition. You realize that this world is indeed a hologram, comprising much more depth and complexity than we are initially led to believe. This journey of awakening is about sustained growth and expansion. There is no singular point in which you reach nirvana or enlightenment. It’s way more complex than a concrete beginning, middle and end.

It is true that the heart’s magnetic resonance is stronger than the brain. The wisdom of the heart expands. Its predominant vibration is peace and love. When you move from the heart, things feel lighter, more graceful and imbued with peace. You notice the subtle language of the heart that whispers gently while the mind shouts.

You are better able to notice when you coming from a peaceful, heart-centered place, and when you are coming from the calculating mind.  The mind is a tool. Notice the pathways the mind is inclined to take. What do you fear? Is it real, or merely a thought conjured up in order to protect you?

Sea of Love

To be surrounded by a sea of love is to feel what another is feeling in any moment. The grace and mystery of a water nymph is that she communicates foremost through her heart. She permeates your mind, heart and aura. She is a part of you and feels how you feel.  She senses the potential of who are yet to be. She sees your life through your own eyes and feels your pain as deeply with complete acceptance.

The mysteries of the sea have been kept hidden for thousands of years because its wisdom was simply too dangerous for humans to grasp. What I mean is that humans have not encountered a love as pure and innocent as this, ever-changing and completely giving of itself in each moment. In the realm of the mermaids, there is no language other than love.


New Moon in Aquarius

The new moon in Aquarius on February 8th encourages us to align with a fresh era based on what we want to create. As a powerful co-creator, this is a potent time to set intentions in all areas of your life. Aquarius is a visionary, forward-thinking energy, and this particular moon is charged up with a connection to its ruler, Uranus. There’s an electric energy surrounding this moon, so use it to spark your intentions into fruition.

Aquarius desires innovation and space to create. Give yourself time to contemplate and connect with this new moon as it will be setting the seeds for the months to come. Aquarius is the humanitarian, truth seeker, and inventor. You may have flashes of intuitive wisdom that will give you ideas on your next steps. Go with the flow and be open to non-linear or unconventional ways of thinking.