Ocean Medicine

ocean nymph

When you are close to the ocean, her love washes over you, moving through your hair and caressing your skin. Her love is limitless, serene, and accepting. Her essence is unconditional love and innocence, ever changing in each moment. She beckons you to go deeper, to be in that space beyond words, beyond social convention. She loves you exactly as you are. She sees your inner perfection. She sees you healed and whole when you realise everything you are looking for is inside of you.

In other realms, time is not a tangible reality. The past and future melt seamlessly into the eternal now. It is the mind that constructs our understanding of linear time. When we take a moment to tune into nature, we notice that she is always moving in circles and endless cycles, unfolding to reveal new expressions of the divine.



Instantly Raise Your Vibe

flower bath

Put on your favorite song and have a dance break.

Gently place your hand over your chest and take 3 cleansing breaths. Consciously elongate your breath for one minute.

Go to the park or beach and ground yourself on the earth.

Put on a candle and surround yourself with crystals.

Throw fragrant blossoms into a sea salt bath.

Imagine yourself surrounded by sparkly rainbow light, breathing into your entire body and aura.

Dwell in the space of gratitude for all the love in your life now.

Write down a positive mantra or affirmation.

Visualise your dream life as if it is already so.

In the light

Coming into your true power is the process of acknowledging your innate creativity and allowing Divinity to move through you. Each day is an opportunity to know yourself on a deeper level. Each breath is an opportunity to expand into your truth and let go of the rest. Every thought is a choice to lift yourself up or drag yourself down vibrationally.

This universe moves in cycles, so there will be times of expansion and contraction. You are here to merge with these cycles, recognising outer space as inner space.

Ask yourself, “How can I move in the world more peacefully? What is blocking me from feeling happy and peaceful now?” As you get more in touch with your intuition, the answers to these questions will naturally come forward. Honestly it may be difficult at times to see your inner blocks come to the surface. It means taking responsibility for the ways you use your energy and emotions, but it doesn’t mean you have to hold onto past trauma. As Gigi Young said, “When you push through a block, you shift timelines. It is that simple. If you want to get onto the best possible timeline follow your heart’s whispers into the unknown.”

The more you delve into your meditation and unique self-love practices, the easier it will be to notice your intuitive messages and the faster you can shift your energy whenever it gets off balance. Be honest and gentle with yourself in the cleansing and releasing process. And know the best is yet to come.