Intuitive Readings

These intuitive readings are designed to remind you of your own inner wisdom. I am merely the channel conveying the information your Soul needs you to hear at this time in order to upgrade your reality and more fully align with your unique path.

I am skilled at working with awakening empaths, starseeds, and elementals. It took me many years to skim the surface of the depth of who I am beyond cultural programming. We are born, given a name, and taught how to adapt into the strict confines of the agreed-upon collective reality. At the same time, we embody multi-dimensionality, collective archetypes, and cosmic intel. I believe angels, extraterrestrials, and our spirit family are communicating with us at all times.  I also believe in our collective power to heal and transform the world through healing our own pain and trauma.

We came to Earth to experience separation in a concrete way. However, it is a prime place to transcend the duality and experience the ultimate merging with one’s Soul. We forgot that we were never separated from Source…although it felt that way. Now we are waking up in masses and I would be honored to assist you in this process.

I offer Mermaid Card Readings, Natal Chart Reports, and Reiki Coaching sessions. Fill out the form below and I will promptly contact you to follow up.

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“Thank you so much for another wonderful reading! The message has been very healing for me and I am so thankful for it.” – Irma