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From William Mistele, author of Undines: Lessons from the Realm of the Water Spirits and ambassador to the mermaid realm,

“You definitely have the water element in your aura typical of a mermaid who is here from the mermaid realm…for all practical purposes you remain completely mermaid in outlook.”

Mermaid Oracle Card Readings ~ empowering wisdom of the water realm

+ In-depth Intuitive readings in a 3-5 page written report with an activated picture of the card spread, imbued with the love and healing power of the Mermaid realm.
+ Ask a question or hold an intention for manifestation which will be addressed during the reading.
+ Choose a 3 card spread or a 5 card Moon Cycle spread, explaining the cosmic and lunar energies supporting you in all areas of your life.

 * New Offering * The Moon Cycle and Astrology Report

5 card spread for the upcoming moon cycle + astrology report detailing the cosmic influence in your natal chart. This reading will assist you in attuning with the ebb and flow of the moon and awakening your own cosmic heart wisdom. The written report will detail the primary energies influencing you in the next moon cycle, and how you can best channel them with practical ideas from the mermaid realm.

Include your birth-time details and set your intention for the reading.


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 The Mermaid realm embodies the empowered Divine Feminine, intimately connected with the harmonic flow of the moon and oceans. Her innate strengths of empathy and unconditional love know no boundaries, physical or otherwise.  Her heart is completely innocent as she embodies acceptance and receptivity. The mermaids are pure love, so totally giving while also remaining open to receive.

 All of us who feel a resonance with the ocean and her mystical depths can connect with the wisdom of the Mermaids. They are here to teach us about unconditional love, compassion, and empathy. They are inextricably one with the spiritual aspects of water, namely, beauty, magnetism, and healing. My mermaid sisters are here to assist us in awakening our intuition, healing, and psychic abilities. They lovingly encourage us to practice self-love as we heal the environment and others, developing our strengths and expressing our creative, sensual, powerful nature. The Mermaids love to give messages about beauty, self-love and acceptance, dreams, connecting to Mother Earth, and more.

Love Notes

“Thank you very much for this lovely reading! These cards absolutely resonate with me very strongly, and I’ll definitely heed the guidance that you and the mermaids have given. It’s very interesting how you relate the cards with the moon cycles. I’ll definitely be back for another reading soon. You are a natural in this work & I love how you express yourself so freely through yoga and hoops! You’re certainly an inspiration to others!” – Grace 

“Every piece felt so spot on that parts of it made me cry. It always feels good to learn about myself spiritually and deeper than I ever thought possible. I’m grateful to have received this gift. It’s the most spot on reading I’ve ever had. I printed it out and keep it in my journal. I feel so connected. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. across oceans and skies!” – Jenysha Polk, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Mermaid Oracle Card Readings by Ethereal Mermaid

Soul Astrology Natal Chart Readings

☽  Each of us have a unique energetic signature that can be interpreted through the natal chart, our guide to the cosmic energies prevailing during our transition to this planet. I offer empowering Soul Astrology readings that leave you with an understanding of your soul purpose, the unique lessons your soul is here to learn, and the beautiful gifts you are here to share with the world.

☽ Your Soul Astrology reading includes a written 5-10 page report on your sun, moon & ascendant, major aspects & themes of your chart. Soul purpose, destiny & the karmic North Node will be explained. Your reading also offers intuitive guidance to help you align with your highest expression.

☽  Include your exact time & place of birth for an in-depth reading based on your unique natal chart. Sometimes, a minute difference can change the rising sign or other planets. Your information is always kept strictly confidential and is used to create an accurate computer-generated chart for this reading. 

To book a reading, fill out this form and make a donation below. Mermaid Blessings!

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Book any reading by donation,

and fill out the contact form.

“Thank you so much for your time and energy on this reading once again. It definitely gave me an in-depth insight into my life. I resonated with this reading so strongly! I truly appreciate your advice & suggestions. Honestly, when I was reading through the suggestions that you gave, my spirit was literally jumping with joy wanting to start everything that you’ve mentioned!” – Grace



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