Connecting with your Cosmic Self

flower goddess


So many of us are awakening to our divine gifts and unique purpose on this earth. As we consciously connect to our deeper soul aspects and the guiding force of our intuition, we are made aware of many levels of expansiveness in every area of our lives. We have clear dreams, and the connection to our inner guidance is made stronger as we listen to the subtle, loving voice of the heart.

We have more acceptance of ourselves, our quirks, and our bodies. Our culture has a strong paradigm of control which unconsciously sends us messages that our bodies are imperfect, especially for women. As we connect to the truth of who we are, this self-criticism melts away, and we begin to express gratitude for this earthly form and all of the ways it supports us in this journey.

In order to establish a clear connection to your Cosmic Self, meditation is a great tool. As we become more aware in our waking lives, we also become more aware in dream-time, and are able to have lucid dreams more frequently. Take time each day to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, having a sacred moment to feel your heart, and breathe deeply into your chest and down into your abdomen. These yogic breaths rejuvenate the body and instantly allow you to tune into your emotions. Your Cosmic Self also comes forward as you follow your passions and highest excitement. This wisdom wants to be grounded in a concrete way, whether it is through dance, art, or music.

When you connect to your Cosmic Self, you learn about acceptance of self and others. Whenever you judge yourself or another, you are in a limited state, bound by fear and control. As we open up to this heart-centered truth that we are imperfectly perfect, we can love ourselves as we are now. We can love others completely without wanting to change them in some way. This is divine grace.