Grounding for Earth Angels.

As lightworkers, we are integrating unconditional acceptance of and compassion toward others, ourselves, and our sensitive nature. Earth Angels (another term for lightworkers) need to practice grounding daily as a way to maintain inner harmony and personal boundaries. Because of their kind and empathic nature, Earth Angels often unconsciously pick up the energy of others or allow others to overstep their boundaries, emotional or otherwise. They are natural healers, and lightworkers need to continuously release residual feelings, negativity, and psychic energy from people. They can do this through meditation, intention-setting, yoga, and a quiet moment in nature.

Grounding For Earth Angels

Anything that allows you to replenish your energy should be included in your daily spiritual practice. It is impossible to give to others before giving back to yourself. Whenever you feel frazzled, confused, tired, or depleted, take a moment to tune into your breath, your body, and your emotions. An effective daily practice is to connect with Gaia by placing your bare feet on the ground and taking deep, even breaths, focusing at the heart center or third eye. Do this each chance you get! Meditation and visualization also allow you to connect with Mother Earth and promote healing on the individual and collective levels. Imagine and feel Gaia surrounded by an energetic matrix of divine love, compassion, healing, and protection. Take a moment to gather cosmic wisdom from the stars, feeling this love enter through the crown chakra, illuminating your entire being with light. Allow the wisdom of the stars to dwell in your heart chakra and send your loving intention to Gaia’s core, as well as any other fears that can now be transmuted and healed. Stay here, in peace, stillness, and love. Make this experience your own by tuning into your higher self and asking for guidance.




Ethereal Mermaid

When I shine bright I ignite the light in others.
– Gabrielle Bernstein

On an individual and collective level, we are being called to fully embrace our inner power by relinquishing fear and old programming. The shadow side of ourselves and society arises in our collective conscious awareness in order to be healed and transmuted into the vibration of pure love and compassion. With each thought, deed, and intention, we are creating the New Earth where all people live in 5th dimensional awareness and maintain clear understanding of their connection to the divine. As we transition to the golden age, more of us will awaken to our true state of enlightenment.

The ascension process is beckoning us to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and ways of being in order to hold more light in our energetic and physical bodies. As we release deeply ingrained fears and take on more light, we become effective conduits for spiritual wisdom. We inspire others with the radiance of our true divine nature, the part of ourselves that is not separate, but one with the greater whole. We are all here to assist Gaia in this process. By sending her light and healing energy, we effectively fortify the transition as people realize their soul origins and oneness with All That Is.

Earth Angels.

The guardians of Gaia are here to lead by example by showing others what it means to truly live in the full radiance of divine light. By nature, Earth Angels are sensitive, empathic, compassionate, and attuned to subtle Universal energy. They need a lot of time alone to sit in meditation and recharge. As natural healers, Earth Angels assist others in accessing their light and removing fears that stand in the way of spiritual growth. Their purpose is to be stewards of the planet and to inspire others by fully stepping into their power. Earth Angels are also highly psychic and intuitive, and possess tremendous capabilities to heal through energy work and intention. Due to their empathic qualities, Earth Angels must actively shield themselves from the negativity and fear of others in order to maintain their own inner harmony. They must practice clearing to release any energy they take on from others. An effective method of clearing is to call in your Angels and Archangel Michael by saying, “Please clear any energy within or around me that is not of light and love. I now release any energy that is not mine.”

Earth Angels are waking up in order to assist the ascension of Gaia and usher in the Golden Age of the new Earth. They are being called upon to fully live in their light by healing themselves of past traumas, remembering their true divine origins, and devoting themselves to the path of their unique soul purpose. Sometimes the immensity of their mission can leave them feeling alone, distraught, and confused. If an Earth Angel does not feel ready to take on her mission, she may distract herself through addictions or co-dependent behavior. However, the gentle voice of her intuition and guides will help her get back on her path and give her the strength to continue. Earth Angels are also being called upon to step into positions of leadership during this lifetime in order to change broken systems and help others.

If you feel that you are an Earth Angel with a mission to serve the ascension of Gaia, know that you are not alone and that you have many resources to support you. Reach out to your Angels and guides for assistance. Refuse to dwell on the immensity of your mission, and instead focus on the action steps you can take now to fully align with your purpose. Know that you possess great power, intuition, and healing abilities. Honor your sensitive empathic nature by being patient and honest with yourself about your boundaries and needs. Always give back to yourself first so that you can more effectively serve others!


These Dreams

Ethereal Mermaid ~ Natarajasana

As we engage more deeply with our spiritual practice, whatever it may be, we develop the fundamental understanding that life is a reality created through intention and action. What we focus on expands because our focus and intention is so powerful. If we tend to dwell on mistakes of the past or worries of the future, we take ourselves out of the present and create unnecessary anxiety, which effectively hinders the manifestation process. If, however, we take the focus on negativity and shift that to love, we instantly align with our soul’s highest purpose, to authentically love, create, and serve others. We open the gates to manifestation with the understanding that whatever we can dream, we can create. 

The unique expression of our soul’s purpose is found in our greatest passions and talents. That is where we must place our positive intention for growth and transformation. Focusing on negativity only creates more of it. The shift to a loving perspective creates opportunities for abundance to enter our lives in unexpected ways. The key is to get still and silent enough to access the wisdom of the heart space, which communicates through emotion, intuition, synchronicities, and angelic messages. It is also helpful to call upon your higher self, guides, and angels to release stuck, negative energy surrounding past mistakes or traumas. Assistance is always available to let go of what you no longer need. By setting your intention, it is done.

Allow yourself the space and time to sit in meditation and get clear about what you want to create. It is time to leave behind the fears and ego-judgements that keep us stuck and small. It is safe to step into your power now and call upon your angels for divine guidance. Know that you will always be supported on your path as you maintain integrity, love, and devotion.


Clarity of Purpose

Warrior II Ethereal Mermaid

With practice, your skills of intuition and manifestation become more accurate. It all starts with clarity of purpose by being clear with the Universe about what you want to create.  As a divine co-creator who possesses infinite power to attract everything you need into your life,  you must be unwavering in your intention. A great exercise to open the doors of manifestation is to access a meditative mind and ask, “What is it that I would like to experience? What would I like to bring into my reality?” Whatever comes up is your heart’s desire, so listen to that gentle voice, allowing the ego to relinquish its worries, fears, and projections. Write down what you would like to create in the present tense and imagine it in such clarity that your desire feels real now.

You may not know how the Universe will bring your intention, but be open to receiving guidance in unexpected ways. Magical thinking allows opportunities to arise that are far beyond your wildest dreams. Set your intention, and surrender the “how” to the Universe in the full knowledge that you are divinely supported. The next step is to act in alignment with that which you want to create by taking small action steps toward that manifestation. Anything else would be sending mixed messages to the Universe, which in effect says “I don’t believe that I deserve this.” Shift that perspective to be in full alignment with your manifestation through guided action and allow the Universe to support you with its wisdom. Be open to receiving, even if it’s not in the way you expect.