Showing up, every day.

     Changing our programmed thoughts and behaviors is a process that requires active work every single day. If you are trying to get better at something or release a pattern that no longer serves your highest good, you can’t take a day off. When it comes to shifting patterns of thought and action, this is not a quick fix. It requires a shift of perspective that can occur in an instant, yet there is no getting around the long, hard work of manifesting a new reality. The Universe will present us with obstacles in the form of difficult relationships or scenarios as a testing ground of sorts. How do we choose to show up in the light of painful or troubling situations? Will we choose to shy away or do anything to avoid looking at the problem? Or will we shine the light of truth and awareness on the obstacle? When we show up with clarity and a loving perspective, it ceases to be a problem, and transforms into an opportunity for us to complete the hard work we are meant to do.

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     Growth and change is not especially easy or pain-free. However, when we simply show up with awareness and stay in the present moment, we choose to see things differently. We choose to release the bonds and folly of our limited ways of thinking. We are telling the Universe that we are ready for change and we are ready to embrace a new perspective of viewing the world, our relationships, and the context of our lives. True power is derived from being devoted to our path and not shying away from things we perceive as troubling or difficult. Nothing worth having is easy to obtain. This is the truth as I see it.

ॐ Namaste ॐ


Be your bliss.

     I often write about blissing out and following your bliss. Recently, I listened to a video blog that made me look at this concept differently. What if it is not about following your bliss, but being your bliss and fully embodying it? This means doing what makes you happy, what makes you light up. It does not mean, however, grasping or yearning for something outside of yourself. Bliss is not a state of judgement or attachment or yearning for the future. Rather, bliss and peace characterize an internal state of being that is independent of outside circumstances. When we place our expectations on something or someone outside of ourselves, we are setting up the conditions for disappointment and pain because we are looking to an external source for happiness, and whatever it may be, it can be taken away at any moment. Being your bliss means embracing the light of your heart, the source of infinite creativity, light, love, compassion, stillness, and peace. It requires transcending the ego mind, which is based on time, space, duality (i.e. separateness), personality, and the “what’s in it for me?” mentality. Being your bliss requires you to step beyond the ego mind to a space of inner peace and full present moment awareness. Bliss means coming into direct contact with unity consciousness and the realization that everything is interconnected. It means releasing the ego’s thoughts of duality, fear, and lack in order to directly experience abundance, gratitude, and love that is beyond space or time.


     To be your bliss is to choose to see all of the events in your life with a positive, loving, and truthful perspective. It may not be easy, but when we choose to shift to a miracle mindset, we begin to act from a space of love and compassion that can only be accessed in the present moment. In the here and now, there is no room for fear, pain, or worry. Take a deep breath and realize that dwelling on the past or future tripping does little, save to bring us out of the now. Make the conscious choice to shift to a loving perspective in order to truly embrace the peace within. Seek solitude and inner tranquility, and bring that feeling into everything that you do. In order to create peace, we must embody peace. We are peace.


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ॐ I love you ॐ

In 2013, I want to feel…

expansive, creative, artistic, loving, playful, blissful, cherished, adored, connected, supported, ambitious, devoted, peaceful, happy, compassionate, selfless, adventurous, confident, challenged, open, strong, flexible, vibrant, radiant, sexy, beautiful, balanced, abundant, and graceful.


     This post is inspired by Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map, in which she challenges us not to make resolutions. Instead, Danielle’s approach requires us to deeply connect to our desires and how we truly want to feel. I asked myself, “What do I value? How do I want to feel when I wake up? How can I bring more love, peace, and abundance into my life?” By first articulating how I want to feel, I can work from there to gain clarity about how I want my life to be like. I am focusing on my emotions and desires by being honest with myself about what I want. This is a shift in perspective from looking at the content rather than the frame. The frame is how things look in one’s reality, such as the career, the romantic partner, and the goals. The content is a deeper understanding of one’s desires. It requires looking past how I think things should look in order to accept my life as it is, now, and being honest with myself about my next step. I cannot control every aspect of my life, but I have total control over my feelings and how I react to things. Therefore, I choose to focus on the content, as in, how I am feeling instead of demanding the Universe to give me the things I think I want. I choose to accept that everything is unfolding in perfect time according to the Divine will, instead of my own will. I choose to move in the direction of my dreams by seeking out the experiences that help me, make me feel good about myself, and support my journey.

Try this exercise out for yourself. Instead of writing down a list of concrete goals and resolutions for the new year, start out by focusing on the desires and emotions you want to feel. How do you want to wake up in the morning? What will you be excited about? How will it feel when you take action toward your most audacious and crazy dreams? Focus on your deepest desires, then dwell on them for a bit. Get still and quiet. Meditate on it and feel what action will help you move in the direction of that desire. I believe in you.

Miracle Mindset & Manifestation.

     Today I was inspired watching videos from Gabrielle Bernstein chatting about her new book, May Cause Miracles. She is one of the leaders and authors who served as the catalyst for my awakening process. Her words spoke to me directly. She made me consciously realize the truth I was hesitant to accept: that I have full control over my life, how I feel, what I create, and how I react to perceived challenges and obstacles. This process required me to take responsibility for my thoughts, words, and actions, and how they affect others. Freedom from fear and limitation necessitates a deep inquiry into how the ego has projected its own fears upon one’s circumstances.


     When I hear negative and limiting messages, either from myself or others, I choose to make a quick shift to a miracle mindset. First, I become aware of the judgmental or fearful thought. Then, I say, “Thank you, ego (or whoever), but I believe in miracles.” It is that simple. I say it out loud or in my head. It only requires a genuine change of perspective that occurs in an instant. It requires an openness to change and taking responsibility for one’s thoughts and feelings, without judgement. Feeling stuck or limited does not feel good. Hanging out in a space of creativity, wonder, playfulness, and bliss feels amazing and expansive. I choose to operate from a space of limitless abundance, bliss, and trust in myself. Yes, it is difficult and I have fears that pop into my mind. Awareness can shift these negative thoughts to a miracle mindset.

     I believe in miracles. I believe in abundance. I believe in sharing and loving and fully accepting others as they are, now. I believe in being gentle and honest with oneself during this process, and choosing to practice compassion, acceptance, and non-judgment. Also, I choose to breathe deeply when a judgmental or negative feeling arises, and shift into a miracle mindset. From this space of love and present moment awareness, manifestation can occur because the mind and energy is free of fear, worry, and future tripping. Breathe deep. Love more. Cultivate peace in your inner world and manifest peace in your outer reality.

I love you.

Watch Gabrielle Bernstein here.

Creating New Paradigms of Thought & Action.

     We are here now, post-12/21/12, the date that warranted attention in our collective mind. We did not know what to expect or what would happen. In this new era, will we choose fear and programming, or love, compassion, and infinite abundance? As always, the choice is yours, now.


     For me, December 21, 2012 was not a large, life-altering event, but a subtle internal shift. I took the time to listen to my body and my inner wisdom. My heart is guiding me, softly and surely, in the direction I need to go. Most importantly, I gave myself the space and freedom to process the internal shifts that were occurring in my experience. I sought solace in my practice of yoga, dance, and meditation in order to remain present and mindful. Also, personal free writing allowed my mind to further process and integrate feeling of activation and evolution. During this awakening journey, I realized that I am already well on my path. My inner knowing expressed that there is no need to worry about how everything is going to work out. All I need to focus on is maintaining the highest possible vibration of love, acceptance, and non-judgement in order to heal others and myself. My job here is to shine a light on my own outdated paradigms of fearful thoughts and limiting beliefs about myself and the world. Worrying about the violence, injustice, and turmoil on Gaia will not heal her. Instead, she can be healed if we maintain inner peace and actively work toward manifesting that in our outer reality. The shift is possible in each moment, and it requires only our will. The shift can occur in an instant if we so choose.

     My vision for this new era is an Earth characterized by peace, happiness, camaraderie, and the spiritual upliftment of all beings. I believe it is possible and I believe that we all play an integral role in manifesting this reality. The process is already in motion; this is glaringly obvious. Those who are stuck in the old paradigms of fear and control will have a difficult time, but again, one can choose in an instant to align with the higher reality of truth. I envision a world where others acknowledge and embrace the spiritual nature of all beings, and see one another as dear friends instead of enemies. Gaia will soon embrace the realization of infinite abundance and happiness. I am here to raise the vibration of the planet by being positive, happy, and peaceful within my own being. I shine a light on the darkness, recognize the pain and fear that still permeates parts of my psyche. I am not pretending it does not exist. It does and I acknowledge it, and ultimately, I let it go because it no longer serves me.

     In order to create new paradigms of thought and action, we must choose to see how our fearful ways of being have kept us small and stuck. We can step into the fullest expression of our creativity, love, and power. The world needs us to share and shine and love without attachment. I am here to support and love and inspire you on this path. We are all on this journey as one.

And so it is.