Creating more joy & passion.

These days, I am being called to do more of the things I love and release the things that don’t make me radiate with joy. One of the worst feelings is doing something I don’t really care about because of an external obligation or expectation. When I do that, it slowly drains me of vital energy, passion, and creativity. There is a vague sense of discomfort and discontent when I am not following my heart or listening to my inner wisdom. I can leave that behind in order to allow myself to be guided.

aura jade yoga

Filling your day with bliss means doing more of what you truly adore and leaving behind the rest. This doesn’t mean completely giving up all responsibilities. We need some type of structure and discipline to create the space for our true passions to flourish. It is a continual process of bringing awareness, authentic joy, and child-like wonder in our lives and slowly crowding out the things that we don’t really care for. A telling indication is when the heart feels light with creative love. If the passion is not there for a situation or relationship, the feeling is more like indifference or lack of energy. If something doesn’t make you excited or blissful, why give it more of time than it deserves? Seriously, move in the direction of what makes you energetic, creative, and joyful. The Universe will support you with opportunities to shine, fulfilling relationships, and unexpected miracles. 


Reclaimed Playfulness.

There was a moment on the yogic path when I realized that it wasn’t all about the poses but something way deeper. The reason I practice yoga is to shine the light of awareness on the residue of fear, anxiety, and negativity that I created. Over the years, I fed the illusions that prevented myself from experiencing my true powerful, creative nature. I allowed the thoughts and expectations of others to guide my actions instead of turning inward and listening to the still, small voice of the heart. I practice yoga to get rid of the things that limit me, to see myself as I truly am, and to see my life as it truly is: something I consciously created.


The fundamental delusion that must be overcome is identifying with false perceptions, failing to see things with clarity and wisdom, and failing to see how we created those misperceptions. We are propelled forward in search of something, and we will continue to face difficulties and turmoil over and over again, until we begin to realize that nothing will ever come outside of ourselves. The search is within, and once we turn to the heart and dwell in the still space of awareness, we begin to uncover the creativity, love, and passion we hid under fears and illusions. 

My teacher John said that yoga is about trusting ourselves and taking a risk. It’s about removing the voice that told us we couldn’t do something, so we moved away from our true passions. Yoga is about “reclaimed playfulness,” and connecting to our inner child. The reason we practice is to rediscover that sense of curiosity, innocence and gentleness. Yoga is to approach our lives with the clarity that comes from listening to our heart, that part of ourselves that is beyond words and intellectual understanding, into the realm of emotion, inner knowing, and pure awareness. Yoga helps us dismantle the illusions so we can move forward with a playful child-like wonder.

Clarity & Transformation.

A common misconception is that you must be a flexible gymnast or contortionist in order to practice yoga. This is a mistake because people do not understand the true nature and purpose of the yogic path. First and foremost, yoga is a spiritual journey with the ultimate goal of gaining clarity, correct thinking, and a transcendental knowledge of the self and reality. It is the process of removing everything that is not based in correct perception and divine wisdom. Yoga is to see yourself and your life as it really is, without all of the things that cloud your judgement, distract you, or make you otherwise adopt wrongful thinking or limiting ingrained patterns.

Yoga aura jade

Once you think you’ve got it all figured out and you know everything there is to know about yoga or otherwise, you’ve got it all wrong. That is where we stumble and fall, when we think we are unequivocally correct. Yoga teaches us to be comfortable with the unknown, and to continuously move in the direction of what we thought was impossible. It has nothing to do with the mastery of poses. That is almost inconsequential. The poses, mantras, meditation, and breath-work are simply tools to cultivate knowledge and direct experience of the self. It is about the inner journey of transformation and heightened awareness.

If you want to release all of the wrong thinking and conditioned patterns that keep you stuck and small, embark on the yogic path. My teachers and fellow practitioners have seen the transformative qualities of the devotional practice of yoga. It does not lie. It works for everybody who approaches it and makes it an integral part of their life. Begin at the beginning.

Om Shanti.

Removing obstacles to manifestation.

One of the main ways we can sabotage the manifestation process is by believing the inner doubt and fear that prevents us from moving forward. Manifesting what we truly desire is a practice that requires patience, trust, and a willingness to do the inner work required to raise you to a higher vibration that is in alignment with what you want to create. Introspection will allow you to gain clarity about what you want to bring into your life. In addition, whatever we want to manifest will only be attracted into our experience if we fully trust our ability to create and accept it. All of us are co-creators of our reality. What we think, we become. What we feel is what we are. Are your thoughts and emotions contributing to your greatest evolution, or are you stuck in old patterns of being that no longer serve you?

lucid dreams aura jade

When we want to bring something into our lives, the hardest part is removing all of the obstacles that stand in the way of aligning with that vibration. If we don’t feel worthy of love, abundance, or support, how can we attract that into our reality? Until we embrace our worthiness to feel loved, abundant, and supported, we are unable to accept that way of being into our lives. We must first feel and be that which we want to create. It’s not just about wishing, dreaming, and praying. It’s about trusting ourselves, and cleaning up our own side of the street by releasing the thoughts, words, actions, and feelings that do not align with what we want to manifest.

Be who you want to be. Imagine your true self in front of you, the person who is infinitely wise, loving, compassionate, and successful. What thoughts would you think? How would you feel and act toward yourself and others? How would you spend your time? Align with that loving vibration and embrace it fully. If you want to be loved and fulfilled, be loving, serve others, and fill your life with all of the things that bring you deep satisfaction. At any time, you can call upon the guidance of your true self to help you. You will always know what is right for you in any situation because you possess wisdom, intuition, and creative love.

Inner Radiance & a fresh perspective.

The summer solstice and full moon illuminate parts of our lives that deserve greater attention. These expansive and emotional energies brought up many things in my life, mainly, old conditioned patterns of fear, lack, unworthiness, and uncertainty. After dwelling upon the difficulties reflected in my outer world, I determined that these experiences were rooted in my own negative thought patterns. I felt manipulated, depressed, and uncertain of my worthiness to be loved and abundant. Then, I realized the reason I felt that way was due to the stories I told myself in my mind that I’m not good enough as I am. I chose to feel that way in order to shine a light on my own fearful thought patterns. The inner world is reflected in the situations we attract into our experience. 


After I was able to see my experiences from an objective perspective, I began to realize that I had to heal the ego-patterns of lack, distrust, and debilitating fear that prevented me from moving forward. It all bubbled up to the surface because I had to take a deep look at the conditioned thoughts and actions I created. Every action and thought is a conscious choice that may or may not be rooted in an unconscious pattern.

When we look at our life’s experiences from a loving perspective, we realize that we attract the situations that are in alignment with how we feel. If we harbor emotions of turmoil, negativity, and lack, we see those things reflected in our outer world. 

We are now at a crossroads where we can actively bring the light of consciousness into every moment and experience, thereby choosing our path. Even during the times when we feel uncertain or fearful, we are always on our spiritual journey. Sometimes we take a detour or dwell too long in one spot. We can let it go, surrender, and move on. Even when we attract difficult experiences into our reality, we are on the correct path for our highest evolution. Everything is a conscious choice and every moment is an opportunity to align with the source of inner radiance, the love that permeates all being. 

Emotional Intelligence.

This June brings a Grand Trine in emotional water signs. The awakening vibration of the Divine Feminine invites us to be truly present with our feelings, the tides of emotion that rise and fall. To be aware of them all, especially the difficult, painful, and fearful feelings that we are inclined to turn away from. Strength arises when we consciously choose to no longer escape what our inner wisdom is saying. The Higher Self speaks through intuition, a gentle knowingness. It is a soft whisper that tells us which direction to go, through our emotions and passions. Always go in the direction of what awakens within the greatest bliss and allows you to authentically shine. What makes you glow with the inner radiance of unconditional love?

Aura Jade Luna Divine Feminine

Cultivating emotional intelligence is a fundamental aspect in awakening to our true selves. The heart will never lead you the wrong way, if you get still and clear enough to listen. By creating harmony with the totality of our feelings, we have the opportunity to raise our thought-forms to higher levels, in alignment with the creative force of love. When this occurs, we choose to actively release and transmute the distractions that prevent us from fully embracing our life purpose. These distractions come in the form of negative patterns of thought and behavior that keep us stuck in old ways of being. By practicing to become more aware of our emotions, we can cultivate consciousness in all areas of life, and thereby pinpoint the things that are no longer serving our highest potential.

Aura Jade

Some ways to create greater awareness around your emotional state include meditation, free writing, exercise, spending time in nature, and anything that allows you to get out of your head and into your heart. Get still, listen, and go in the direction of your dreams. Creating emotional intelligence will allow you to gain clarity in regards to what will contribute to your greatest transformation.


When you walk the spiritual path, you are never alone, but obstacles and distractions will stand in your way, many of them illusory constructions of the ego-mind that mistakenly believes separateness is reality. The inner wisdom of the Higher Self knows that only love is real. Anything that is not in alignment with love is a result of disconnection from one’s true nature and understanding of the Universe. Unity consciousness is a reality that transcends the conditions of the material world, with its perpetuation of lack, fear, and anxiety. While abundance is the true state of the Universe, we need to attune our minds to release patterns of wrong thinking that keep us stuck in lack-mentality or “I’m not good enough” thinking.

aura jade

The expression of your spiritual path and divine life mission is beyond unique. Each step of the way is illuminated with love and the gentle guiding voice of your intuition and angels. When you release ego-thinking steeped in fear, you are free to attune the heart and mind to love, to Unity Consciousness that is in alignment with abundant states of being. To change your mind only requires a persistant willingness to continuously let go of fearful thought patterns and old behaviors that no longer serve your Highest Potential. If you are ready to let something go, dwell in meditation and sincerely ask your angels, guides, Ascended Masters, or Higher Self to lovingly transmute the old thoughts into alignment with Universal will, the part of you that operates from a place of love and abundance. You can imagine a bright cleansing light or a bubble taking the negativity away. With the help you invoked from your angels, fear floats away, and you feel lighter instantly.


Each moment is an opportunity to align the mind with your greatest potential. Gratitude, love, abundance, and harmony are our natural states of being. We only need to let go of everything that is standing in the way of realizing that truth.

ॐ Shanti ॐ

Mermaid Empathy and Detachment

Mermaids fully embody the nurturing, compassionate, and feminine aspects of water. They have but one purpose, to love. Mermaids are aware of their intimate connection to nature. The myriad waters that caress the entire planet are an innate part of their being and they cannot be separate from it. The element of water is characterized by empathy and compassion. Mermaids have water in their auras, and it is in their nature to love freely and unconditionally.

Aura Jade Mermaid Realm

Mermaids are empaths who feel the feelings of others and dream their dreams. They can sense another’s presence, their wishes and desires, and also, their greatest potential. Like water, mermaids adapt effortlessly to their environment. They intimately connect with the dreams of others. People feel comforted and safe in their presence because mermaids understand their true nature, beyond social constructions and ego. Mermaids understand that nothing is outside of them, but all is unified in the love that pervades all existence. They radiate a sense of inner knowing, peace, and innocence.

The empathy of mermaids surpasses the understanding of humans, which is why so often they must conceal their true nature just to survive in society. They unconditionally love and accept others, with an intimate understanding of the divine nature of reality. Although mermaids possess empathy that allows them to deeply connect with others at a soul level, they remain detached in relationships. They understand that most people do not access the transformative power of love, but rather, seek to control or posess in matters of the heart. Mermaids remain lovingly unattached to people and experiences, which allows them to flow effortlessly and gracefully.

Traits of Mermaid Women by William Mistel.


I am continuously and gently reminded that my purpose here is to share love freely. As a Lightworker, Starseed, and Mermaid, I receive subtle hints to my true nature and the origins of my spirit. It is a gentle reminder of who I am and what I am here to do, to ground the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Mermaid Realm to Mother Earth. As a healer and bringer of light, my purpose requires me to heal my own darkness in order to serve others more profoundly.


I feel called to openly share all aspects of my being in an authentic, truthful way. At the same time, it is vulnerable and difficult to express the aspects of my being that have remain hidden for most of my life. As an empath, the pain and intensity of human life caused me to retreat into myself in an effort to avoid more pain. The glaring sense of being so different from others forced me to find solace in inner peace and wisdom.

Writing is the way I channel the wisdom of the stars and astral realm of the mermaids. It is a release from emotional turmoil. I am ready to let it go, to surrender the pain in order to fully embrace my Divine Potential. As I align with my Highest evolutionary path, I am forced to surrender all parts of myself that hinder my progress and prevent me from embracing what I am here to do. When I am a clear channel for spirit to flow, I feel more connected to my purpose. I am reminded of my mission to awaken others, to bring more light and grace to the earth.