The Power of your Presence

One of the greatest gifts you can offer another is the power of your presence, of being fully, truly in the here and now. When you are completely present, you are not concerned with past or future worries. There is infinite compassion, acceptance, and truth. Your breath is long and deep, cleansing your entire body and auric field, healing those around you and the environment. The breath is the vehicle of spirit, of the divine. Never doubt the power of your breath and of your being. Wherever you go, there you are, a beautiful healer and a light on to others.


When you are present, the mind is clear and radiant like a diamond. You access your intuition, the gentle, calm voice of the heart that says, “Go in this direction, Dear One.” Unafraid and unapologetic, you embrace the light and darkness within, without judgement.

You may never know the full extent of your healing presence in others lives. You are asked to trust the path before you, navigating it with fluidity and grace, in each breath, each moment. As a spiritual being in the now, you are asked to release dogma and judgment in order to just be. Each breath is a surrender to the now, a reminder to be fully present with the totality of experience, to be in the heart.


Spring Detox for Earth Angels


With the coming of spring, it is a lovely time to detox
the body, mind, emotions & your sacred space.

 Commit to your self-love with daily meditation and yoga. These practices clear and harmonize the consciousness. It is important for Earth Angels to meditate and move their bodies in order to feel balanced and grounded. Deep, conscious breathing also aids the detox process.

 Rethink what you are eating! Go for more organic raw fruits, vegetables, and superfoods, like spirulina, maca, and cacao. Earth Angels in particular are highly affected by what they eat. Their guides and angels are inviting them to detox from harmful substances, including caffeine, artificial chemicals, GMOs, alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs. This may not resonate with everybody, but if you are an Earth Angel, tune into your heart during meditation and call in your guides for assistance. They support your intention to eat more high-vibrational foods!

 Channel super-organized & earthy Virgo by thoroughly cleaning your space, burning sage, and getting rid of any clutter or things you no longer use. Add plants and crystals. When your sacred space is clear, energy can move freely, raising the vibration of the room. Earth Angels feel more serene in clean spaces because they are so sensitive to their surroundings.

☽  Recharge for the exciting spring ahead by giving yourself enough time to get a full night’s sleep each night. During dreamtime is when Earth Angels play in the astrals, connect to their guides and receive healing. Leave a notebook and pen near your bed and record your dreams when you wake in the morning sunshine.

 Go back to Gaia! Earth Angels need to practice grounding daily. In meditation, energetically connect your root chakra with the rich amber energy of Gaia. Send her healing vibrations, surrounding her in warm golden white light. Get outside and place your bare hands and feet on the grass.

 Hello Shadow Work! Get honest with yourself about anything in your life that needs clearing and healing. What needs to be looked at or let go of? This is the perfect time to release any baggage that you no longer need dragging you down in the new astrological year.

Intuitively tune into your higher self during your grounding meditation, and discover what particular practices work best for you.

With love.

Spring Equinox & Sun in Aries

earth angel

Everything in your world is a reflection of your consciousness. 

The Spring Equinox on March 20 & the Sun moving into Aries on the 21st mark the beginning of the astrological year, a beautiful, abundant time of rebirth and action. The Aries energy is all about being bold, confident, and spontaneous. With the Sun moving into Aries, we can use this fiery energy to move forward passionately and take ambitious risks. We are now invited to step into our power in all areas of life by taking guided action on the heart’s sweet, gentle calling.

We are truly supported in magical ways when we express gratitude and align with our soul’s path. Because of free will, we choose what paradigm we want to live in. The more we notice the love and sweetness of our lives, the more light we attract into our reality. As a result, we realize how much manifesting power we truly have.

Take some time during the Spring Equinox to meditate and get in touch with your intuition and desires. This is a beautiful time to get balanced and clearly state your intentions for this new astrological year. Know that you are being heard and supported by your guides and angels, who really want you to reach out to them for assistance! They can help release cords of attachment, strengthen the aura, and balance the chakras, the energy centers of the body. Deep in meditation, you can lovingly reach out to your guides, calling them close to you for guidance, protection, and energy healing.

Have a lovely Spring Equinox, Dear Ones.

Infinite Possibility Paradigm

This is a powerful time when we are coming into alignment with our soul purpose, remembering why we chose to come here. It truly takes courage, devotion, and trust in the Universe to move toward our divine mission on earth. Any action in alignment with your soul will be supported! The Universe wants us to expand and evolve toward oneness and an infinite possibility paradigm. We are the ones who have to take the leap of faith, knowing that ultimately, we are safe and so loved. With the deep understanding everything will work itself out in divine time, we can move forward with confidence and guided action.

Bali Waterfall by Ethereal Mermaid

When we align with the calling of our heart, the Universe is behind the scenes, bringing us the exact experiences we need for our soul’s evolution, in coordination with our level of consciousness at that time. Our guides and angels, however, will not interfere with our free will. Therefore, it is imperative that we consciously choose to shift and trust the process. There is no need to worry about how it will all play out. Let the Universe take care of the details of how, when, and why. It is your responsibility to choose love, gratitude, and guided action in each moment.

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Meditation for Clarity

Meditation is the practice of stilling the mind in order to get in touch with intuition. Cultivating a devoted meditation practice allows you to cleanse your consciousness on a regular basis, creating space for greater clarity and spiritual wisdom to guide your daily life. One way to still the chatter of the mind is to bring your focus to the breath or a mantra. This keeps the mind alert and engaged, while quieting excess thoughts, allowing you dwell in the peaceful space of the heart.

Creating a meditation practice ~

+ Commit to your self-love by setting aside a specific time to meditate, such as upon rising when the mind is fresh and clear. Also, set aside a few minutes before sleep to calm the mind and integrate the events of the day, letting go of whatever does not serve your purpose. 

+ Prepare for a sitting meditation by stretching and consciously relaxing the body. Gently elongate and twist the spine while taking long, deep breaths to clear any stagnant energy. Inhale as you bring the shoulders up toward the ears, and exhale, rolling the shoulders down the back, opening the chest.

+ Continue breathing deeply into the abdomen, bringing your attention to each inhale and exhale with the intention of relaxing any muscles that are not being used to hold your body upright. There is no need to control the breath during meditation, simply observe and you will begin to notice the breath becomes steady, regular, and deep.

+ Sit in a calm place where you will not be disturbed for awhile. It is helpful to have a cushion to sit on, allowing the hips to be above the legs. This will reduce discomfort in the legs and allow you to sit longer. In the beginning you may not be able to sit for awhile, but gradually increase the time.

+ Find a comfortable position, sitting cross legged on the floor, laying down, or sitting upright in a chair, spine long. Once the body is settled, bring your attention to the breath at the tip of your nose. Feel the cool air passing through the nostrils on the inhale, and the slightly warmer air on the exhale. Continue breathing normally, feeling how each breath expands and contracts the body slightly. Notice any areas of tension within the physical or emotional body. 

+ Allow the breath to be the mind’s point of focus throughout the meditation. If a sound or thought distracts your full attention, again bring the mind back to the breath. Perhaps this may need to happen over and over. Simply notice what is going on in your inner world, without judgement.

+ Continue this practice each day, whenever you need to recharge your energy or strengthen your aura

Focus Inward

As empathic healers and lightworkers, we are learning how to maintain our boundaries, integrity, and high-vibrational ways of thinking and being, even in the face of unexpected surprises and turmoil. An integral part of this practice is effectively integrating the shadow into the all-encompassing light of love. Not pushing it away, but rather, shining awareness on our darkest aspects, asking them to be integrated into our being. Meditation, energy work, and inward focus are the cornerstones to this practice.

Earth Angels are natural healers, but until they practice grounding and upholding their auric field, they are prone to absorbing the energies of others, leaving them feeling depleted, anxious, or powerless. Others come to you for healing and guidance, but unless you are continuously giving back to yourself, nobody is truly being helped. If you are a sensitive Earth Angel, know that your empathy, compassion, and sensitivity are divine gifts. You have been given beautiful spiritual gifts that are meant to help others. 

Gaia goddess

For Earth Angels, inward focus is the absolute key to maintaining your energy and avoiding others from zapping your vital life force.

Inward focus as a daily practice ~ 

+ daily meditation and energy work, calling in your angels and guides for protection and guidance. Send healing to Gaia and all sentient beings.
+ grounding practices, such as yoga, dance, nature walks, and placing your bare feet on the earth.
+ check in with your breath throughout the day. long deep yogic breaths, expanding the diaphragm on the inhale, fully contracting the lungs on the exhale. Breath is prana, life force.
+ stretch and elongate the spine, breathing deeply into any energy blockages.
+ keep your energy high and pure by consuming fresh, raw foods prepared with attention and love. You are what you eat, literally & energetically! Listen to your body.
+ do what you love!



Full Moon in Virgo ~

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 16 is aspected by Saturn, which is all about taking responsibility for ourselves fully, including the emotional baggage and deep-seated wounds we would rather turn away from. We are urged to step into alignment with our soul-purpose by mastering the mind, releasing debilitating self-criticism through mastery and service to others. The highest vibration of Virgo is humility, service, and healing. Ruled by the mental planet Mercury, Virgo encourages us to be super lucid and clear-minded in order to effectively align with our unique evolutionary path.

Virgo is analytical, meticulous, and detail-oriented. The challenge is to use discernment to move closer toward love and service rather than succumbing to the Virgo tendency of judgement. With this powerful energy of the full moon, we are invited to pay attention to the details, to clear our space and our aura. We set powerful intentions to bring us closer toward our heart’s desire, and more importantly, we move closer to our desire by taking intuitively guided action.

Diet, nutrition, and exercise are all ruled by Virgo, especially practices such as yoga and meditation, which harmonize the body-mind. Any intentions to revamp these areas of your life, as well as your work life and productivity, will be powerfully supported by the full moon. Move forward with your goals to be healthy, happy, and high-vibrational in order to more effectively help and heal the planet. This full moon, you can channel the higher aspects of Virgo to assist you in manifesting your intentions. 

+ Gaia Earth Star: Virgo Full Moon ~ Serve Thy Soul

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