Gaia Meditation.

     I would love to share a simple, powerful meditation, keeping in mind that our thoughts are energy, which can be directed any way we so choose. Take some deep breaths, guiding the breath down into the abdomen, allowing the lungs to fill up fully from the bottom, exhaling completely to the bottom of the lungs. Guide your consciousness into a deep, serene meditative space. Cultivating the observer mode, the no-mind, the gap, where we can observe our inner commentary in a detached manner. This is when we notice what is going on in our minds, but choose not to get sucked into the endless stream of thoughts. Simply watching, observing, but not judging.

     Next, imagine the Earth in your mind’s eye or in your heart. Imagine her shining, radiating a beautiful light, surrounded by your loving intention. Beam your healing love vibes to Gaia and focus on your intention. Thoughts are energy, which can be directed to heal our beautiful Gaia, and restore her to peace, balance, and joy. Imagine or feel that you are rooted to the Earth and connected to her core, her heart. Observe how this practice makes you feel, reconnecting with the breath, and know that this powerful meditation can be done at any time.

Gaia needs your healing love vibes! Have a lovely day.


Breathe deeply. Live simply. Waste nothing.

     These days, I embrace a loving, empowering mindset. When the fears and limiting beliefs of my ego pop up, I say, “Thank you for the message, but I believe in miracles.” Then I move on, acting, thinking, and feeling in alignment with my inner guide. Surrendering negativity, time and time again, allows me to remain focused on what I want my life to be like. I want my life to be filled with joy, bliss, smiles, laughter, and peace. I want to shine my light brightly, to share my truth, to inspire others to discover their own peace and bliss. Allowing myself to be guided to the people and experiences my Higher Self needs to evolve, to fully step into my power.

     To be spiritually guided in each moment is possible with intention and devotion. I am constructing my life to be conducive to maintaining the highest possible vibration and fulfilling my path. Each moment, I make this happen by doing what I love and giving these things more prominence in my life. Yoga is not a hobby on the side anymore; it is my lifestyle. I live, breathe, and move in alignment with my path. I consciously seek out experiences that allow to grow and to connect with like-minded spirits.

     This is my mantra: Breathe deeply. Live simply. Waste nothing.

The Transformative Practice of Yoga.

     Over the past year, my yoga practice has grown and evolved to become a huge part of my life. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, busy, or stressed, I can get on the mat and connect to my yoga practice. It is a time where I am completely immersed in the present moment, and the smooth, deep inhale and exhale of the uyaji breath, the ocean breath. As I move through the practice, I remain connected to the breath, my constant reminder that I am here, now. I can be nowhere else. During my yoga practice, there is no space for my mind to wander off into the past or future. It is here, now. The body flows with the breath, riding on the inhale and the exhale. There is something powerful and peaceful about moving the body in harmony with the breath.

     The physical practice is all about the breath. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga. It is not about how far you can stretch. It is about cultivating that subtle link between the body and mind, strengthening connection to one’s inner self. Every time I practice, I am reminded of why I return to the mat day after day. Physically, yoga makes me feel open, flexible, and strong, and these qualities extend to the emotional and mental bodies. When I surrender to the present moment, I allow myself to focus inward, to realize my inner strength and serenity. Yoga has shown me the path of reflection and self-reliance. Wherever I travel, I seek yoga studios to practice with a wide variety of teachers and students. I take something away from each practice. A new pose, an adjustment, or a fresh perspective. Recently, I’ve started an Ashtanga yoga practice which is helping me go further and push myself past what I thought was possible for myself. Yoga is about breaking boundaries and limiting beliefs about the past. Every time I practice, I learn something new. It also special to share my practice with others. Having a community around me is supportive and loving, a gentle reminder of the bliss and peace yoga can bring to the world.

     After the intense, focused effort of the asanas, I lay in Savasana, corpse pose, and let it all go, allowing my body to fully relax and to be supported by the earth. Yoga practice is not something to be attached to. It is not about getting to some final destination, as if the practice ends once I do the fullest expression of the most advances poses. Instead, yoga is about the journey of the practice, of seeing how far I’ve come since I first began. Yoga is a mirror that guides me to look inside, to go deeper and bring the darkness to the light. Yoga is the realization that I am not alone on the path, that I have many people and experiences to guide me along the way, in order to share my love of this path with others.

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi.
Om Peace Peace Peace.

Read more about the Peace Mantra.

Cosmic Goddess: Beth Watson, Founder of Waves of Fire

     I would love to share with you the Cosmic Goddesses who inspire me and share their light with the world. These are the women who are connected to Spirit, embrace their inner power, and radiate love, peace, and authenticity. One of these lovely Cosmic Goddesses is Beth Watson. She is the creator and founder of Waves of Fire, an amazing non-profit organization dedicated to loving Gaia and helping Goddesses create change in the world by empowerment, passion, and love. She helps people connect with their angels and the Universal energies all around us. Beth has also created her own line of beautiful jewelry which embraces the vibrational healing qualities of crystals. Waves of Fire is a constantly evolving project that works with environmental organizations and Goddesses alike. Beth answered my questions about her project, what inspires her, and how connecting to nature raises her vibration.

Aura Jade: How did you come up with the idea for Waves of Fire?

Beth Watson: Waves of Fire has continually grown and evolved. Originally it was much different than you see it today. I started writing a business plan while still in school for it, and I intended it to be an events company that would specialize in conscious and creative gatherings for younger people – speakers, eco-friendly events – all centered around teaching and connecting with like minded people. Then I remembered that I was a homebody and only liked to go to events once in a while, so it quickly shifted. The crystals were the first actual piece of the puzzle to get started. I went on a trip to Central America (Costa Rica & Nicaragua) after my first crystal collection and got a lot of clarity about where I wanted to go. It’s been an ever evolving process, and as I unveil more and more of my intuitive abilities and passion for the angelic realm, and the ocean & earth, I continue to get inspired, and get more confident in my abilities and my right to change the planet for the better.

AJ: How do incorporate work with environmental non-profit organizations with your one-on-one coaching and intuitive sessions?

BW: 20% of all of my services & sales go into a fund that is directed to non-profits. I’m letting this grow and within the next couple of months, I will start my first major project with an inspiring and effective non-profit. How I envision the process now is that I will offer web-design, photography, branding & social media coaching to the non-profit in question, helping them to spread their reach, and appeal to the younger generation in a more profound way. My aim is to make environmental love “cool & trendy”, hooking the young folk, but inevitably introducing them into an authentic and important endeavor that fills the soul. The non-profit gets all my services for free, while I pay myself from the fund, giving myself much more of opportunity to commit fully to the project. My main interests right now are ocean protection, and animal safety, so that will likely be the area I work in first.

Beth loves angels, nature, crystals, and Gaia.

AJ: Who/What inspires Waves of Fire?

BW: The environment was my first biggest drive. Almost everything I do, I do knowing it will change the course of the lives of animals, plants, the ocean, and mother earth herself. I do this, some might say indirectly, but it is the best way I know how. Changing the lives of people, the ones with the power, for the better, empowering them, educating them, and inspiring them makes them better able to connect with their truth. And their truth respects and loves the planet, respects and loves their bodies, and this in turn, will change the course of our planet.

I’m inspired by Spirit. I’m inspired by beautiful film, photography – I’m inspired by beauty. Beauty drives me. I want to see it everywhere. Architecture, culture, food, gatherings, celebrations, when beauty – connecting to divinity – is infused in anything, it inspires me. India inspires me. So does sunshine, nature, the ocean, beautiful clothes, rain and wind storms, beeswax candles, homegrown food, interior design, Oprah, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Nisha Moodley.

AJ: How do you connect to your inner peace and your Higher Self?

BW: Simply going out in nature is the first step. Nature will do the work for you if you let it. Your job is to be open, to open your heart and mind, and to ask for help. Nature will do the rest.

I find that taking time for yourself is key. To release worry, stress, and the to-do list, and ask your heart what it really wants to do. It could be completely “unproductive” but it is important to do it. Read a book, have a bath, go for a walk, head to the library and explore, dance around your house. It sounds obvious, but how often do we just let everything go, and allow ourselves to be consumed by what we love? When we love life, it loves us back.

I also find that balancing the chakras through meditation & visualization has been of great help to me.

It’s important that everyone knows that they have deep and profound gifts, and that no one person is special. We all have equally important pieces to give. It’s important to know that you are here for a very important reason, and that you have all the support in the Universe to help you fulfill it. Just be open to it, as best you can, even if for a moment.

Beth’s beautiful hand-made crystal jewelry.

Thanks so much to Beth for answering these questions. This girl is rocking it. Connect with Waves of Fire and get inspired.

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Staying Connected to Universal Love by Blissing Out!

     These days, I am in love with my spiritual journey. It is exciting and vibrant and unpredictable. I have no idea what is coming up next in life. All I can do is trust and affirm, “Yes, I am being Divinely guided each step of the way. I believe that I am on the right path at this time.” It can be difficult to put aside my ego and trust in something unseen, something mystical, unexplainable, unmeasurable. Surrendering to the flow of Universal Love is scary, but once I allow myself to be guided, nothing can stop me. What I have come to realize is that most of all, the fundamental thing that is blocking me from maintaining a high vibration and fulling my potential, my life mission, is my own limiting patterns of thought and behavior. These patterns arise when I lose trust and entertain fearful, self-destructive thoughts. Or when I choose low-vibrational foods that do not really make me feel good, but only serve to satisfy a delusional desire for a fleeting second in time. Sometimes, my ego goes wild with notions of incompetence, unworthiness, and separateness. Coming to terms with the existence of these patterns is the hardest of all, allowing them to come to the surface and be brought to the light of consciousness. However, once there, it is clear what the best course of action is for my Highest self, which is to always maintain the highest possible vibration I can, despite the situation.

     Devotion is to love your path, to be super, beyond excited to wake up every day, to dream, and play, and see what gifts the Universe will share. Devotion is taking your spiritual practice seriously, but not taking your ego seriously. It means laughing at the ego’s “Tiny Mad Idea,” the notion of separateness and fear. Part of my spiritual practice is to remain devoted to blissing out, to doing those things which bring me the greatest joy and positive vibes. I bliss out by practicing Reiki, a gentle, calming touch therapy, in which energy flows from Universal Source into my palms, washing my aura and energetic centers with peaceful energy. Reiki allows me to hold a larger container for energy, to help raise my vibration. Connecting with my body through creative dance and yoga is how I bliss out. I connect by feeling my bare feet and palms on the Earth, feeling the warm sunshine and cool autumn breeze on uncovered skin. I connect by dwelling in the serenity of my inner space through meditation, and long, deep, yogic breaths. By doing what makes me feel happy and connected, I raise my energy level. As I result, I discover that my low-vibrational patterns no longer resonate with me. And I can finally let them go.

Have a super fun day, smile, and bliss out!

How to Create a Shift in Perception.

     Creating a shift in perception is to change the thoughts that are not working for you, that are not productive or empowering. Checking in with the emotions is a super powerful way to see if your thoughts are serving you in any situation. Happy, positive, and high vibrational thoughts lift you up and make you feel good. Low-vibrational, fearful, and negative thoughts quite literally lower your energetic field. Check in with your emotions. Watch the thoughts and you will notice this to be true. Try it. You can create a shift in an instant. Simply think of something in your life that brings you great joy, that you are supremely grateful for. Think a positive, loving thought or express sincere thanks to the Universe. Hold a mental image or feeling in the mind, and notice how it raises your vibration.

     Throughout the day, I create a practice of saying to myself, “I choose to maintain a high, loving vibration.” This means that I no longer engage in negative thoughts or entertain crippling self-critical patterns. I made the choice that those thoughts were not true. They do not make me feel happy and empowered. Then, I created a shift in perception by making the conscious choice that I do not have time to engage in these thought patterns. That does not mean the negative thoughts do not come up. However, when they do, I can notice them and become fully aware that these thoughts do not make me feel happy and empowered. This is a practice in becoming the observer of the thoughts and practicing non-attachment. It is the realization and understanding that my true essence is not my thoughts. Fearful ideas lower my vibration. They hold me back, and by choosing new thoughts whenever the fearful ones bubble up, I shift into a loving vibration, where I can operate in my fullest potential.

     Have a lovely day and do something that makes you SHINE, BLISS OUT, and LOVE. Goodbye for now cosmic goddesses.

Clear Perception.

     I would like to share my journey to clear perception and truth. I gave up drinking and recreational drugs in an effort to discover my authentic self. I have come to the realization that my authentic self cannot handle any mind-altering substances of any form, which lower my vibrational frequency and send me in all kinds of crazy directions. I have Neptune prominently placed in my chart (Neptune square Sun & trine Venus) so it’s of utmost importance that I maintain clear boundaries, for Neptune rules fantasies, the subconscious, dreams, and altered states of consciousness, including drinking and drugs. Since I became more in alignment with who I really am, I feel happier and blissed out and peaceful. I am empowered because I no longer feel the need to find fun in a glass of alcohol or use it to de-stress. I no longer hide behind a substance to avoid feeling my emotions.

     Through this journey, I realized that I am here to fulfill a Divine purpose, my life mission, and to do so to the best of my ability, I need a clear mind. Clear perception. Truth. Anything mind-altering had to go. Also, this transformative process included releasing negative, limiting thoughts patterns that kept me stuck and small. This is surely an ongoing progress. These days, I say to myself, “Today, I choose to maintain a high, loving vibration.” I say this whenever I feel myself getting off track, indulging in a critical thought pattern, or engaging in an unhealthy action. Whatever does not contribute to my highest vibration, my highest energy, must be released. This is a continual process. It means getting up and doing the work instead of trying to distract myself with limiting thoughts. I tried to avoid feeling my emotions by overeating and obsessing about food. That did not work either. I realized it didn’t feel good to continually criticize myself. So instead, I choose a loving vibration that makes me feel good about myself. Those times when I am at my highest vibration, I naturally tune into my body and my emotions and give myself attention. I choose to pursue those things that bring me bliss and serenity.

Now go bliss out.

Cosmic Goddesses Unite.

     Cosmic gypsy goddesses dream of the stars, the sky, la luna. They are aware that they are a part of a much larger whole. They too, move and flow with the planets, the constant ebbing and pulsing of the Universe. The same energy that permeates the entire cosmos is the same energy that pulses through their veins, their biofield. It can never be separated, but forever intertwined. These goddesses acknowledge they have a purpose here on Gaia, namely, to shine their light as bright as possible, just as the billions upon trillions of stars do. And like the stars, goddesses go through cycles of life, death, and transformation.

     Cosmic goddesses follow their hearts and sparkle and radiate love. They love with passion and intensity.  A love for life and all of its miracles. They express gratitude for the beautiful experiences that attract to them like magnets.  Synchronistic moments in time, a smile, a butterfly, a soulmate encounter. They allow their path to be illuminated with love, to be guided to exactly those experiences they need to evolve. They recognize that their life is a product of their co-creation with the Universe, and choose their thoughts accordingly. They commune with nature, walk by the ocean, smell the salty air, and feel the warm rays of sun. They breathe deep. They bliss out and play and love. They seize the moment. They celebrate their connection to the entire cosmos.


Get Empowered.

     As individuals, we do not live in a vacuum. Everything we do, say, and think has an effect on the world around us, those we interact with, and our own perception of reality. To undertake total responsibility for ourselves, at all times and in all situations, is empowering. It means not being made to feel like the victim. To be empowered is to fully accept ourselves, for where we are now, and to dream and scheme for a bigger, brighter, happier future. To not let outdated thought patterns or limiting circumstances stand in the way of our evolution. And it starts with our mindset, now.


     Transformation. Evolution. Activation. Stepping into alignment with the fullest expression of your Highest self, your best self, your most creative and thriving self. I urge you to go for it now. Make audacious schemes and take guided action on them. The world needs you to step up, to share your gifts, to be the highest vibrational being possible.

     The Universe wants, needs, to see you thrive. Commit to radical self-love and radiant self-expression. This will probably make you feel scared, just a little bit. That is a good sign. Feel the fear, embrace it, and move toward your dreams. Give yourself permission and freedom to create your own magical, love-filled reality and share it with the world. Evolve and Thrive.