Divine magic.

Wherever you go, divine magic abounds, gently guiding you to notice the tiny synchronicities that are constant reminders that you are on the right path. During times of major transformation and upheaval, our outer reality is shifting quickly in accordance with our change in perception. The test is to remain grounded through it all, especially during the times of uncertainty or loss. When things are taken away, it is only to create the space for better opportunities to find you. Adopting a perspective of the bigger picture will allow you to see even the setbacks as a chance for authentic growth.


The Universe always provides, given that we remain connected to our true self, to our heart that radiates unconditional compassion, non-judgement, and a knowingness grounded in higher ideals. We carefully construct our reality with every thought, intention, and action. It is only when we do so consciously that we can create new patterns of being that are more loving and authentic. When we take responsibility for our ways of being, we can no longer shift the blame to something or someone outside of ourselves. We draw every experience into our lives for the simple reason of learning from it and evolving. In order to learn the lessons we need to integrate, we encounter similar situations in different forms until we get the message.

The Universe is guiding us to consciously learn, experience, and create. What do you want to bring more of into your life? When you pinpoint what it is you want to create, align with the vibration of that creation. How would it feel to bring that experience into your life? How will it help others, and how will it help you to transform? In what ways do your creative endeavors allow you to align more fully and authentically with your path? The next right action will be crystal clear, although you may be unsure of where it will lead. Intuition and inner wisdom will be your guide. Move in the direction of what feels right for you, releasing the fears and external expectations that keep you stuck. Align with the Universal will and invite this wisdom into your experience. In that way, you effortlessly attract an abundance of opportunities that will guide your highest evolution.

Divine magic surrounds you now.
Your intuition is accurate.
It is safe for you to be empowered and to embrace your fullest creative expression.


Earth Goddess.

As tiny cells on the surface of Gaia, we are actively participating in the ascension and evolution of the planet. Our consciousness grows as we uncover latent fears and pains that have been neglected. We become more mindful, more aware. Over and over, we receive messages that quietly whisper, “You are the creator of your reality. What do you want to create?”


Original photography.

Earth goddesses are the protectors and healers of the planet. They lovingly watch over nature and care for the animals. Fairies and mermaids are Earth Goddesses who protect and facilitate the global ascension process. They are the containers for the vibration of the Divine Feminine. They realize that the health of the environment is a direct reflection of inner vitality, radiance, and love. As within, so without. Earth goddesses are sensitive and highly empathic, feeling the environment as an extension of themselves. There is no separation. Through their love, compassion, and creativity, Earth Goddesses effectively ground healing energy that is both powerful and innately feminine. They hold the space for massive transformation to occur, in the collective mind and in our physical reality. Their role here is to love without attachment, to shine, share, play, and heal.

Connect to the Earth Goddesses by spending time in self-reflection in nature. Seek the child-like perspective when you are simply happy and content to be in the now. Send out loving vibes to align with the Earth goddesses, for they can clearly perceive energy and intention. Soak up the healing that can be discovered in nature. Keep in mind that when you heal your negativity, you heal Gaia in the process. Play in the sunshine. Visualize the ocean and imagine being the water, the waves crashing on the shores, the flowing rivers and streams. Imagine swimming down to the depths of the sea and playing with the dolphins and magical marine life.

Living Creatively from the Heart.

I witness when the ego mind takes over. It tends to repeat the same thoughts on a loop, creating anxiety, restlessness, and a vague, overarching sense of discontent. I know the process so well, and watch it with a sense of detachment, simply allowing the mind to be, noticing when it runs wild with ego-based thoughts, which are often judgements. The mind is a powerful tool that creates our reality and operates in a dualistic pattern. The nature of the mind is to analyze, discern, and categorize our experiences as good or bad, attractive or repulsive. The mind wants to place things into neat little boxes that are easily compartmentalized. If things fail to fit into the mind’s paradigm of duality, it is rejected.

The realm of the heart and intuition operates on a more subtle level that forgoes judgement, attachment, and preferences. The heart is always is the now, and this aspect of our being is content to simply be. There is nowhere to go and nothing to prove. The only thing that remains is the journey of the eternal now, where we are guided from one experience to the next, each moment seamlessly blending into the next, creating a linear pattern that the mind perceives as time. The heart is aware of a much greater consciousness that transcends past, present, and future. The more we feel and act from the heart space, the more awareness we bring to our experience, allowing us to more fully align with our highest path for transformation, creativity, and service to others.


When we live from the creative space of the heart, we extend compassion and loving-kindness to all beings, rather than judging them from the perspective of the ego mind. We surrender our attachments and free ourselves from the bondage of self-created and self-perpetrated fear, anxiety, and worry. The heart knows a different way, the path of ease, grace, and least resistance.

The Inherent Power of Vulnerability.

When we release self-judgment, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in front of others. A burden is released when we remember that we don’t have to be perfect or live up to standards that others created for us. By tuning into the intuitive, creative side of our being, we discover the source of inner knowing, the part of ourselves that contains infinite wisdom and love. This never-ending stream of Universal consciousness gently reminds us, again and again, that we are forever loved, cherished, and cared for. When we remember that everything we need will always be provided for, we can relax and allow ourselves to be gently pushed along by the current. We lay our heads back, and float, drifting along to wherever we are supposed to be.

The greatest feelings of expansion arise when we give ourselves permission to be vulnerable. The ego’s will is surrendered when we come to the realization that we actually don’t have it all figured out. We become comfortable with the unknown, and relinquish fear and the need to control our experience. We are unsure of what is coming next, and we revel in that inevitable feeling of vulnerability. And yet, when we act from that space of surrender and pure openness, we realize we are powerful beyond measure, because the choice is ours. The choice is always ours, to choose love over fear in each moment. It is a conscious decision to align with the light. We decide over and over again, and each time, we move closer toward the truth of reality. We are conscious co-creators of our experience.

Effort & Ease.

In yoga, we always seek to maintain the delicate balance between effort and ease. Will-power and action give us strength in our practice, which must be met with an equal measure of surrender. We need that inner drive and external motivation to get us on the mat, to give our full focus to be in the now. Cultivating single-pointed focus is key, and at the same time, we cannot push and strain our way through it all. There must also be the balance of effortlessness and grace, which also allows us to be fully present with our experience.

Yoga is about being in the unique state of flow, to approach the practice with total concentration while taking the path of least resistance. Like water, we flow with the breath to discover the grace inherent in each posture. If we forget the breath and push the body too far, the effort is counter-productive. Yoga asks us to be witnesses of our experience and to surrender the ego’s ideas of what it thinks our practice should be or look like. It’s not about the external shape of the postures as much as it is about our internal experience. Yoga should be playful, light, and full of grace. In this way, we cultivate devotion and peace, directed toward the practice and to ourselves.

Inner Alchemy.

Breathe deeply. Take the biggest breath you’ve taken all day. Each inhale brings you love, vitality, and radiance, as each exhale allows you to release what is no longer needed.

So-ham means I Am in Sanskrit. Inhale the sound “Soooo.” Exhale the sound “Hummm.” This is a powerful meditation that allows you to tune out of the endless rattling of the mind in order to settle into your true essence, the inner stillness and serenity that is the conscious observer of the interconnectedness of a much larger whole. By bringing awareness to your inner state by withdrawing the senses, you are connected to an endless stream of radiant love and wisdom. Everything you need to know can be discovered by going within.


Original Photography taken in Shanghai, China.

Karma Yoga.

Karma yoga is the integration of action, non-attachment, and clarity of focus. The practice of  asna postures is not so much about progressing in the poses themselves, but more about the heightened awareness that comes from moving with focused intention. Connecting the breath with the graceful movements of the asana practice gives the mind something to focus on as it gently takes a backseat to the heart. In this manner, the mind can softly relax as we settle into the flow of the yoga practice.

Original photography.

During the practice of yoga, we are invited to fully surrender to grace and devotion as the body begins to open up, feeling light and expansive. Once we are familiarized with the poses, we can move from the awareness of the heart, from the space of the thoughtless mind. The postures become more natural as they are integrated into the wisdom of the body and muscular memory. It is only then that we can soften into the flow, the unique state of being in which we are totally in the here and now, focusing on each movement, yet remaining unattached in the process.

Find the Zen in everything.

When we embody the stillness of inner peace, our external environment no longer dictates how we feel. We increasingly free ourselves of the worries of the conditioned mind and the expectations of others. When we act from a space of empowerment and self-respect, we cultivate a deep sense of inner knowing, where we are balanced, grounded and serene. These times are opportunities to grow, consciously create our experience, and embody the wisdom of the authentic Self. This does not mean that hardships won’t arise. Difficulties inevitably come up, as a means to test our strength and trust in ourselves.


Approach each experience with a perspective of clarity, of moving closer and closer toward the truth, to that which is eternal and unchangeable. As a daily practice, we remain committed to seeking wisdom over a long period of time. We become more grounded in our inner guide. We can face all situations that come our way. The good times enter our experience, gradually giving way to times of suffering or pain. Nothing can last forever, not even the feelings of bliss, joy, peace and contentment. Whatever arises, we know that it will soon change. We allow ourselves to flow and handle whatever we are given, knowing that it is an opportunity to evolve on our journey.

The Philosophy of Hoop Dance.

For those who have yet to experience the flow and present moment awareness of hoop dance, it may seem to be an inconsequential resurgence of a childhood toy. The sacred circle of the hoop is much more than that. It is a lifestyle, a path of inner reflection, and a unique, powerful expression of creative movement. The hoop itself, a plastic circle in its most basic form, is related to sacred geometry, the creation of infinite patterns of the circular orbs around the body. It becomes an extension of the person, a dance partner, a tool to explore body awareness and self-expression.

My journey of hoop dance has taught me to open up, to radiate the light within, and to re-connect with my inner child, the dancer who always loved to laugh, play, and explore. I began dancing when I was 5. Then somewhere along the way, I stopped dancing. I don’t remember why. I covered up that part of myself around the time when I started caring about what others thought of me, debilitated by self-doubt. In March 2011, I was inspired by a hoop dancer. It was the first time I saw somebody dance with the hoop as an extension of herself, floating gracefully and effortlessly within and around it. At that distinct moment, I decided to teach myself how to hoop dance. I unlocked a part of myself that had remained hidden for years.

When I see people flowing with the hoop, I am continuously blown away by the authentic joy and creativity they radiate. There is nothing I enjoy more than being entranced by a dancer losing themselves in the hoop. In moments of flow, you are in your own Universe, a safe, loving place, where it’s just you and the hoop, and the graceful dance between the two. In those moments, you relinquish the analytical mind and the heart steps in. These are the moments of the thoughtless mind and full present moment awareness.

In the past few years, hoop dance has gained popularity because it is simple and accessible for many people. Both children and adults pick up the hoop with playfulness, and most know how to do at least one thing with it, even if they are simply experimenting. From a larger perspective, the growth of the hoop dance community is related to the ascension of the Divine Feminine, as both males and females begin to acknowledge the goddess aspect in themselves, the receptive, intuitive side that flows with nature. Hooping itself is inherently sensual and expressive. The gentle movement of the hips and body allows the dancer to express their unique energy and share that with others. Hoop dance truly allows people to become aware of their body and their creative expression of movement, unlike any other.

Living meditatively.

Cultivating mindfulness is a daily practice that does not stop when we get off the yoga mat or the meditation cushion. In fact, our work is just beginning. Spiritual practice provides the tools to meet our experiences with clarity, but that can only be done with unwavering intention. Day after day, we are called to continue waking up to our power, and to resist the urge to descend back into negativity and unconsciousness. We must look at our darkness and shadows with the perspective of the observer, pure consciousness. With our desire for transformation, we approach our lives with an attitude of lucidity and meditative awareness. Mundane responsibilities are now opportunities to practice mindfulness and detachment from the outcome. When we live our lives with awareness, everything is a meditation, a chance to fully immerse ourselves in the Now.

Every thought, word, and action is a meditation and a prayer, a testament to our dedicated spiritual journey. With this meditative awareness, we are not as easily angered or upset, because we remain grounded in our practice. Even when everything around us is being destroyed and crumbling to the ground, we remain steadfast in our mission, balanced in the awareness of our inner wisdom and boundless joy.

I invite you to take this time to set a powerful intention for what you want to create in your life. How you bring more balance, peace, and playfulness into your daily experience? What practices help you to remain grounded in your love? In what ways can you live more mindfully and offer your thoughts and actions as a prayer to the Universe?