New Moon in Taurus

new moon in taurus

May 6 marks the New Moon in Taurus, a powerful time to set intentions surrounding self-love and what we want to bring to the world. There is a lot of retrograde energy during this moon, which indicates that much of our energy will be directed inward toward what we can heal and bring to our consciousness. Whatever comes up for you is perfect, as you notice and allow your feelings to come forward.

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and romance. It’s essential for us to get grounded and truly get back in touch with the basics of our self-love practice. Ask yourself, “what do I need in order to feel nourished?” Perhaps it’s time take yourself on a date and bring more romance into your life, whether or not you have a partner. Taurus also represents fertility, creativity, self-worth, and thriving in the world. How can you be more empowered and more self-sufficient?

Here are some ideas to develop more clarity and heighten the magnetism of your intentions:

+ Practice a grounding and clearing meditation.
+ Have a tea ceremony or cacao ritual, then write down your inspirations.
+ Go to a yoga class, get a massage, or see an acupuncturist to get the energy flowing freely in your body.
+ Get outside and lay in the grass or on the beach.
+ Stop and smell the flowers, and maybe even treat yourself to a bouquet of your favorite blooms, just because.
+ Incorporate your favorite essential oils into your meditation and also add them to coconut oil to moisturize your body.


Radiant Beauty

As you discover your inner radiance, you allow it to emanate outward, blessing and delighting those around you. The mind of the divine perceives the world through love. Recognising beauty in another is noticing your own divinity. It’s a spark of brightness in the eyes, the dewy glow of the skin with the sunshine warming you and the breeze caressing your skin.

Activating your sacred femininity is related to embodying the joys of Venus: beauty, pleasure, romance, and affection. Beauty is a natural result of being in harmonious alignment with the heart and body. For me it is about getting back to basics: a solid night’s sleep, adequate hydration, and skincare. It’s just as essential to detox from unhealthy food, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine in order to calm the body and nervous system. This holistic detox also includes releasing fearful thoughts, negative belief systems, and low-vibrational emotions. This is all done intuitively, as your body and heart know how to find balance.

When do you feel and look your most radiant? Honor your intuitive messages and you will naturally discover more harmony in every area of your life.